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Wish Upon A Star

About this poem: 'Twinkle, twinkle, little star' was my inspiration here for the rhyme but this poem is all about wanting to be loved in all its forms; physical, emotional and spiritual.


Bright star shining up above
Will I ever find my love?
Is it very wrong of me
Wanting love so longingly?
Just to feel a lover's touch
Until my senses cry - too much!
Send me flying into sky
This I want, and more, I sigh.

Brightly shining star, hear me.
Light the darkness so I see
Where to find a fine romance,
Snatch my one and only chance
Just to feel some arms that hold
Hands that warm when mine are cold
Lips that brush so soft like air
This I need; some tender care.

Star that's shining ever bright
Won't you help me with my plight?
Grant the wish within my heart;
Give my search a brand new start.
Just to find my one true fate
Star, I'm tired of the wait
For a soul that matches mine.
This I crave; a love divine.





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