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Stargate Five Things Series

This post will act as the index to all my Five Things stories as they were becoming too numerous to keep on my main Stargate fic index.

Stories are organised by character.  Ship, if any, is indicated in brackets following the story title otherwise assume gen and read the author notes.

Five things Cam did after 1939: Have Faith

Five Times Cassie Slipped Up About How Things Were in Toronto: Two Moons in Toronto

Four kisses that weren't for real and one that was: Goodbye Kisses (Daniel/Sha're)

Five men Daniel has loved: Fathers & Brothers

Five times Daniel sat alone in a dark room: Every Darkness has a Light

Five ways Jack is subtle: Falling in Love With Carter (Sam/Jack)

Five thunderstorms Jack remembers: Clearing the Air (Sara/Jack)

Five of the Last Things Janet Said to People the Day Before She Was Killed: Remember When I Told You

Five Ways Janet Didn't Die: Forks in the Battlefield


Five Ways Keller Loses McKay to Sheppard: And the Winner Is (Jennifer/Rodney, implied John/Rodney)

Five things Sam wishes she was better at: Falling in Love with Jack (Sam/Jack)

Five things a member of SG1 hid in Sam's luggage: Baggage 

Five times Sam thought about leaving the Air Force: Anchor

Five Ways Sha're Grew Up on Earth: A Check on Reality (Daniel/Sha're)

Five Missions SG1 and SGA1 went on together: It's Not A Competition

Seven Times a member of SG1 couldn't sleep: Send in the Clowns

Five people Teal'c sent Valentines to: A Traditional Valentine's Day

Five things about Jaffa culture Teal'c will never tell his team-mates: Cultural Gaps

Five secrets Teal'c took to his grave: Final Curtain

Five conversations Murray Had: It's All in a Name

Five times Teyla teams up with another woman to save the day: Together We Are Stronger

Five Things Torren Will Remember About His Mother:Through Her Child's Eyes

Five Principles Vala Follows (or thinks she does): Rules (Are Made to be Broken)
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