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Fanfiction: A Traditional Valentine's Day

Fandom: Stargate SG1
Series: Five Things
Prompt: Five people Teal'c sent Valentine cards to
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: Originally published on sg1-five-things
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.  Written for entertainment purposes only.

A Traditional Valentine's Day

1. A beloved sister

It was just after Jolinar and they had all searched for a way to comfort Samantha Carter. It had been Teal’c’s idea to send a Valentine – not completely understanding the holiday but certain that it was meant to be an expression of caring. O’Neill had bought the card and Daniel Jackson had written it. Teal’c had been in charge of delivering it.

They had all witnessed her smile as she had opened the card and they accepted her thank you hugs with pleasure at seeing her almost her old self.

It is a tradition that has continued despite both O’Neill and Samantha Carter moving on from SG1. As Teal’c sets the card down in her quarters aboard the Hammond, he knows she has always understood the message: we love you.

2. An honoured friend

He had witnessed Janet Fraiser seeing Samantha Carter’s first card and overheard her laughing retort to her friend that no-one ever sent her a Valentine. Teal’c sought to correct that the following year especially in the wake of the diminutive doctor saving his life.

He had bought the card himself and sneaked it into her office at the SGC. He had conspired to be close-by when she found it. He had been pleased by her surprised and delighted reaction.

It had become another tradition. After Janet Fraiser’s death Teal’c had resolved to continue it with her successors as a way of honouring her. As Carolyn Lam opens her latest Valentine, Teal’c sees the delight in her eyes as she reads: you are valued.

3. A surrogate daughter

Cassandra had seen Janet Fraiser’s Valentine and complained at receiving none herself. Earth holidays and traditions still confused her and while her tearful suggestion that no-one loved her was quickly handled by her mother, Teal’c had not been able to bear the disappointment in the young girl’s eyes.

His was one of three that appeared for Cassandra on February 15th that year. Teal’c was certain that he knew who sent the other two but he never discussed the matter with Daniel Jackson nor O’Neill.

It seemed another tradition had begun; and Cassandra’s three Valentines are always delivered the day after the official holiday. Teal’c carefully places his in the mail and knows she will adore the funny cartoon alien and the simple words he has always included: you are not alone.

4. A cherished team-mate

Vala Mal Doran embraced her first experience of the Earth holiday with a glee that disturbed Teal’c as much as it amused him. In the days leading up to the event, she declared on several occasions that she was certain that she would get several Valentines from many admirers.

Teal’c was not as certain and he believed deep down neither was she. Vala Mal Doran hid her insecurity behind a wall of brash audacity but it seemed to him that she felt very much as Cassandra had once done; uncertain that she was loved.

Perhaps it had been that thought more than affection that had motivated the first card, bought and left her in quarters at the SGC, but a couple of years, and many missions together later that is no longer the case.

He sets the card beside her jewellery box. He knows she will know it is from him and understand the sentiment behind his gesture: you belong.

5. A lover

Ishta had been visiting him on Earth the week before Valentine’s Day and had watched him organise his four Valentines with interest. He had explained the holiday and the traditions behind each card. She had teased him lightly that he had never sent her a Valentine. It had never occurred to him. They were Jaffa not Tau’ri.

He steps through the wormhole to Hak’tyl and makes his way to Ishta’s dwelling still uncertain that his decision to introduce Valentine’s Day into Jaffa culture is a wise one.

She greets him with a kiss and Teal’c pulls back to reach into the small pack he carries. He hands her the card and single red rose solemnly.

Later, he considers that he has a new tradition to add to the others as she lies sprawled beside him, her head on his broad shoulder. He strokes a hand idly over her naked back and Ishta whispers his words back to him: my love.



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Feb. 17th, 2010 05:51 pm (UTC)
Love this, with Teal'c as the keen observer and the one who reaches out to draw others in when they need to be included. I think #2 gets me the most, with the passing of the torch from Janet to Carolyn and Teal'c continuing the tradition even without the same personal relationship. Just right.
Feb. 17th, 2010 07:58 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for the feedback. :)

I love Teal'c as a character. It just seems to me that he's the secret glue that keeps them altogether really.

I just really liked the idea of #2 and can see him in my head sending one to Dr Brightman in S8 too.
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