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Poetry: The Angel on My Shoulder

About this poem: Every so often a poem knocks on my heart and asks to be written.  This one knocked today.

The Angel on My Shoulder

When every road I come to is a crossroads

And every step I walk, I walk in pain

I am the light that brightens up the darkness

The voice inside my head that keeps me sane.

Perhaps tomorrow there will be a mountain

Or an endless blue ocean in the way

But courage makes the hardest climb a journey

And gives me strength to swim another day.

Because I won’t win every single battle

And my many wounds may bleed and they may burn

But we learn to walk by falling to the ground

And each defeat brings something new to learn.

For there will always be another challenge,

Another reason to just accept I’m done

But I want to live and savour each moment

And spread my wings and fly into the sun.

I’m ready to say I don’t have the answers

To every question that my life may pose

But every day I work to find those answers

Is but another day my knowledge grows.

For when every road is yet another crossroads  

And every time I look, I cannot see  

I am the angel talking on my shoulder

And I will take the right path home for me.





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