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Stargate Atlantis Aftershocks Fanfiction

This post will act as an index to my Stargate Atlantis: Aftershocks in Atlantis Series fanfiction.

Note: This is a series of TAGs that focus on how the characters reacted to their various missions, what impact it had on them and their relationships.

Each chapter is a TAG; each is complete and can be read stand alone although as in the episodes, there are continuing themes.  

Pairings: Having rewatched the entire series, my view is that the show suggested multiple probabilities in regards to UST pairings (e.g. John/Teyla, John/Elizabeth, John/Rodney, Teyla/Ronon, Elizabeth/Caldwell, etc.) which I'm likely to explore (some more than others) alongside the actual canon RST pairings (e.g. Elizabeth/Simon, Teyla/Kanaan, Rodney/Katie, Carson/Laura, Rodney/Jennifer, Ronon/Jennifer, Ronon/Amelia, etc). There is an author's note preceding each story with any specific dynamics highlighted for those who like to be forewarned.

The index is organised by Season.  The episode title is first with the TAG title following.  If the TAG is blank, it means it isn't written yet. :)

Season One:
Rising: Changed Circumstances
Hide and Seek: Ready or Not
38 Minutes: 
Childhood's End:
Poisoning the Well:
The Storm/The Eye:
The Defiant One:
Hot Zone:
Before I Sleep:
The Brotherhood:
Letters from Pegasus:
The Gift:
The Siege I & II: see Season Two

Season Two:
The Siege I, II & III:




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