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2011 Review and 2012 Goals

Well, this is slightly belated but I've just recovered health-wise to do this and I thought it would be a good way to get me motivated again with my writing.  I didn't actually complete my 2011 goals but I thought it would be useful to see what I did achieve.

Format was snurched from annerb with her permission 2009. :)

Fanfiction (31): (links to the fics can be found on the relevant fanfic index page in the right hand navigation)
Stargate SG1 (20): Gift from the Gods (Sha're & Gairwyn friendship), Aftershocks TAGs (S7 Evolution to S8 Zero Hour), Forks in the Road (5 Things), Rules Are Made to be Broken (5 Things, Vala/Daniel, Vala/Tomin), Rain Ghost (AU Sam/Jack), A Surprise Addition to the Family (Carolyn & Vala friendship), Just A Kiss (Sam/Jack), Blessed (Sam/Jack)
Stargate Atlantis (4): In Defense of Self (Elizabeth & Teyla friendship), Worth Saving (John & Rodney friendship), And the Winner Is (5 Things, McKeller, implied McShep), Changed Circumstances (Aftershocks TAG to Rising) 

Stargate SG1/Atlantis Crossover (1): Broken Wings (John & Cameron friendship, Team)
Stargate Atlantis/NCIS Crossover (1): Running Mates (Ziva David/John Sheppard)
Doctor Who (1): Right Here (TAG to The Girl Who Waited)
Hawaii Five-0 (4): A Journey of Lies (Danny/Rachel, Rachel/Stan), The Road With Good Intentions (Danny/Rachel, Rachel/Stan), All Fall Down (Team, mention of Danny/Rachel), Not for Nothing (Jenna/Josh).

Meta (5): Stargate: Why I love Sam, Why I love Teyla, Why I love TJ, Hawaii Five-0: Thoughts, Kono's Story Arc (see meta tag for posts)

Published Non-Fic (50): 13 reviews for DW, 11 reviews for Torchwood, 10 reviews for SGU, 4 miscellaneous,12 feature/contributions at geekspeakmagazine.com

The Questions

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

More than I thought I did but not actually what I'd predicted I would write.  Needless to say I'd like to have done more on my original fiction and what I actually planned to write goal-wise in 2011 but I'm pleased that I did actually achieve so much regardless and actually ended up writing overall more than 2010 when meta and non-fic is taken into account!

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2011?

Pairing wise, possibly I would never have predicted writing Danny/Rachel, Rachel/Stan or later Jenna/Josh, but then Hawaii Five-0 was a surprise in terms of fandom but I got hooked on the show and plot bunnies will multiply and turn into gremlins when fed after midnight.  
Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?

I think the biggest risks I've taken have been to stretch out from my core SG1:Sam/Jack and explore other fandoms and more generic friendship fics.  I guess one risk that I don't think worked out well was And the Winner Is... where I took what came across to me as an anti-Keller prompt (5 ways Keller lost McKay to Sheppard) and tried to make it positive in terms of Keller's POV.  In the end, I think it just ultimately didn't work the way I wanted it to and I felt maybe it came across as too mean-spirited towards McKeller and McShep both, which given my live-and-let-live attitude in general towards shipping/slashing (ie.people can ship/slash whoever they want) wasn't something that I had intended.

My Best Story of the Year

For me personally.  I think Broken Wings is not only my best story of 2011 (although some of it was written 2010) but actually my best story to date.  It was a novel length Stargate crossover action/adventure focused on friendship primarily between Cameron Mitchell and John Sheppard but exploring their relationship with their various teams at the same time. I'm really proud of this fic and love it to bits.

Review/feedback wise, I would say that The Letters Trilogy (Aftershocks TAG to Heroes) garnered a very positive response.

Story Most Under Appreciated by the Universe in My Opinion

In all honesty, I don't think there's one fic in particular that I've posted and then been dismayed review-wise - the female friendship fics didn't get a great deal of feedback/reviews but perhaps my expectations are low in terms of how many reviews I expect to receive for these fics now.  Equally, the reviews garnered for non-SG fiction were low initially which I also expected because I don't write regularly in those fandoms and with Hawaii Five-0 the main fandom relationship is Danny & Steve whether slash or friendship goggles are used.  However, if I had to pick a fic I would say Broken Wings - mainly because I love the fic so much and would have loved for it to have gained a bigger audience than it did - that said, the audience it did receive seemed to very much enjoy it so I can't say it wasn't appreciated.        
Most Fun Story

I'm horrified about how angsty my whole portfolio was in 2011!  Blessed takes the award here as it is Sam/Jack, Sam kicking ass and Jack getting himself in trouble as usual. 

Most Sexy Story

Running Mates - an AU crossover between Stargate Atlantis and NCIS where Ziva and John effectively have a one-morning stand with each other. 

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters

Aftershocks again continues to make me question the characters and my perception of them.  I think Changed Circumstances for me really altered my view of John Sheppard because in deconstructing the Atlantis series and the pilot as prep in writing the Aftershock TAG for Rising, it's apparent that John is a very complicated, very multi-layered individual who wears many masks.  
Biggest Disappointment

Getting completely stuck with the plot of the Airwolf fanfic that I wanted to write to the point where it still remains in writer's block-land.    

2012 Goals
1. Finish SG1 Aftershocks S8
2. Finish SGA Aftershocks S1
3. Write Hold On and Let Go (the sequel to Let Go and Hold On)
4. Complete my original novel




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