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About this poem: The first line came to me when I was trying to think up a light and fluffy love poem but this one didn't want to go there and I ended up with something very different.  For me, it's describing a spiritual journey through life but is it mine?  Maybe not!



It was the star-lit night of lovers
When I cast my reflection into time
And wandered down a lonely path
Wondering where and when my journey’s end.

The road ahead was dark
Studded only with the cat’s eyes
That lit my way and kept me from wandering
Into the wilds that surrounded me.

I considered not my direction
Only knew it was ahead and not behind
Though I was tempted into looking back
And wondered which turn set my feet away from truth.

The path changed ahead of me
And there was no more light
To guide my step;
I stumbled.

The road was hard and cold
Beneath my bloodied hands
But I determined not to stop
And began to walk again.

The climb was steep
It was difficult to continue
But an inner faith
Kept my feet to the path.

It was cold but I cast off
My earthly bounds and was finally naked
Shorn of all my defences
Like a newborn babe.

Then I saw the end.





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