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Stargate Fanfiction

This post will act as an index page for all my Stargate fanfiction.

Aftershocks: The Aftershocks series of TAGs tracks what went on between the episodes and the developing relationships between Sam, Jack, Daniel and Teal'c in between the episodes.  Some of the TAGs are gen/friendship, some are ship; pairings vary but are generally in line with canon (and Sam/Jack is canon to me).  Currently TAGs available for S1-S7 with S8 in progress. List of Aftershocks TAGs

Sam/Jack Stories: Note: Some of these are team fics with Sam/Jack.


Jack O'Neill and the Seven Fairies: Set post SGA S4.  Jack goes missing on a mission leaving SG1 and Sam in a race to find him.  Action/adventure/romance.  Team fic with Sam/Jack.

Let Go and Hold On: Winner of the Stargate Fan Award Best Overall Ship Story 2008.  Set between SG1 S8/S9.  SG1's last mission together as Sam and Jack realise they need to find a way.  Action/adventure.  Team fic with Sam/Jack.  *Novel length.*  

Lost and Found: Set during SGA S4.  Sam goes missing in the Pegasus galaxy and Jack heads out to find her.  Action/adventure/angst/romance.

Rifts and Chasms: Set SG1 S6.  As Jack recovers from his time with Ba'al, a visitor from an alternate reality creates issues for him and Sam.  Action/adventure/UST.  Team fic with Sam/Jack.

Universal Conspiracies: Set post Continuum.  An old enemy interferes with Sam and Jack's Thanksgiving plans.  Action/adventure/romance.


A Pond With No Fish: An alternate SG1 S9. Sam and Jack have to deal with the return of old enemies as they try and find a path to each other.  Action/adventure.  Team fic with Sam/Jack.  *Novel length.*

Bedtime Story: Future fic/AU.  Jack waits for Sam to return home.  Romance/angst.

Invisible Green Monsters: AU but set post SG1 S9's Beachhead/EDM.  The SGC plays host to a galactic conference of their allies as Sam deals with her return to SG1.  Action/adventure/romance.

Rain Storm: AU set early S9.  The replicators attack and Sam is lost.  When she appears to Jack in a rainstorm, can he trust that it is her or is it nothing more than another replicator trick?  Angst/romance.


Lucky: Set mid/end SG1 S9.  Jack is trapped in a cave-in with a badly injured Daniel with nothing to talk about but his relationship with Sam.  Drama/romance.   

Hammond Tribute: The Unsung Hero: Set SGA S5.  SG1 mourn the loss of General Hammond.  Team fic with Sam/Jack.  Drama.

Time Box: Set post Ark of Truth/SGA S4.  Jack ends up facing his worst nightmare as he tries to come to terms with Sam's new assignment.  Angst/drama.  *Novel length*.


The Perfect Gift: Set SG1 S9.  Jack searches for the perfect Christmas gift for Sam.

Flower Series: The Flowers series follows Jack's attempts to give Sam flowers from the beginning of SG1 S9.  Humour/romance.

Flowers, Flowers Remembered, Flowers in Atlantis, Flowers in Washington

Theoretically Possible: Set post show. Jack is looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with Carter so of course he wakes up in an alternate universe...


Moonlight Series: The Moonlight series follows the progression of Sam and Jack's feelings for each other through each year at the SGC (SG1 S1-S8) with a bonus epilogue.  Angst/romance. 

In the Moonlight

Companion piece: In the Shadows

Sam in Atlantis Trilogy: The "Sam in Atlantis" trilogy follows Sam's departure for Atlantis, the events of The Last Man (SGA S4 finale), and her return.  Angst/romance.

A Fluctuation in the Event Horizon, Destiny, An Unexpected Homecoming

Thinking of You: These two fics are stand alone but can be considered counter-points to each other.  One has Jack ruminating on his life with Sam; the other Sam on her life with Jack.  Romance/adult themes.

Chaos Theory, Cherish The Moment

Valentines Trilogy: The Valentines trilogy follows Sam and Jack's relationship as they make the transition from friends to more; set through SG1 S9-to post Ark of Truth.  Romance/adult themes.

Distance, Plan B, Happily Ever After

Valentines Duet:

A Valentine's Wish: 5 times Sam received a Valentine from Jack.

A Valentine's Wish Reply: 5 times Jack received a Valentine from Sam.

An Unexpected Christmas Present: When Sam's plans for Christmas change, Jack needs a new strategy.  Set post S8.  Romance/adult themes.

Blessed: Jack runs into trouble offworld and only Sam can save him.  Set early S9.  Romance.

Deny, Endure, Embrace: Jack contemplates his love for Sam.

Just A Kiss: Four times Jack and Sam didn't kiss and One time they did.

Twelve Days: Twelve days in Sam's command as she deals with missing Jack during the holidays and strange coincidences with a certain Christmas song...

TAGs/missing scenes:

Always: TAG to SG1 S10's Unending.  Sam and Jack wonder about the fifty years she spent in the bubble.  Romance.

Conversations to an Empty Room: Missing scene to SG1 S10's The Road Not Taken.  SG1 confide to their missing team-mate but are they just talking to an empty room?  Drama.

Chain Reaction: SG1 S4's Chain Reaction. Sam visits Jack after he's forced to leave the SGC.

Fishing: TAG to SG1 S9's Uninvited.  Jack meets up with Sam at the cabin. Action/adventure/romance.

No Team Like SG1: TAG to SG1 S9's 200.  Teal'c contemplates a strange dream with the rest of SG1.  Team fic with Sam/Jack.  Humour.

Solitudes: AU/set SG1 S7 instead of S1 Solitudes.  Sam and Jack contemplate regrets.  Mention of Sam/Pete.

Talion: SG1 S10's Talion.  Jack doesn't let Teal'c leave without him leading to a reunion with Sam when SG1 catches up with their Jaffa team-mate.

Threads: SG1 S8's Threads.  Jack talks with Jacob.


Carolyn & Vala:

A Surprise Addition to the Family: Carolyn considers Vala's place in her life as the two women conspire to surprise Landry. Written for sg1friendathon 2011.


One Small Step: Set post-SG1 Continuum.  Cassie goes in search of a missing SG1 with the help of old friends.  Written for the Women of the Gate ficathon.  Drama/adventure with team.


Before I Ascend: Spoilers for all SGA.  Maybe humans were not ready for Ascension but nobody ever said Elizabeth lacked ambition.  Written for the Women of the Gate 12 in 12 Challenge.  Spiritual/character study. (Possible Elizabeth/John if you're wearing shippy vision).

Elizabeth & Teyla:

In Defence of Self: Set SGA S1 post-The Storm/The Eye.  Elizabeth discusses self-defence lessons with Teyla.  Written for the Women of the Gate ficathon.


B is for Betrayal: Set post-SG1 S10/pre Ark of Truth.  Jonas mounts an ambitious mission to take back a piece of Langara from the Ori.  Written for the Jonas Alphabet Soup.

John & Rodney:

Worth Saving: TAG to SGA Miller's Crossing.  Background Sam/Jack.  John and Rodney have to face up to what happened when Jack visits Atlantis to investigate Wallace's death.

Kate Heightmeyer:

Therapy in Chocolate Set S1-S4 SGA, Kate provides therapy as the ladies of Atlantis face up to their individual challenges, fears and concerns. Written for the Women of the Gate 2013 February Challenge.

Sam & Elizabeth:

Goddesses: Set SGA S3/SG1 S9.  Sam takes Elizabeth back to Atlantis but their journey gets slightly diverted.  Written for the Women of the Gate ficathon.

Sam & Jack:

Five Minutes: Missing scene/Continuum.   Colonel Jack O'Neill considers how much difference five minutes can make to a life.

Food Diary: Set SG1 S3. Sam, Jack and Jacob on a mission.  What could go wrong?  Humour.

Three Wishes: Set SG1 S1.  Sam and Jack are captured off-world but can Jack's three wishes come true? Humour.

Sam & Janet:

No Regrets: Sam and Janet consider their relationship with Cassie on a camping trip.

Sam & Teyla:

Walk Beside Me: Set SGA S4.  Teyla and Sam deal with their personal demons as they try to make it back to Atlantis.  Action/adventure/drama.

Sam & Vala:

A Shot in the Dark: TAG to SG1 S10's Company of Thieves.  Vala comforts Sam in the aftermath of the mission.  Drama.  Written for the Women of the Gate ficathon.

One of Us: Set early SG1 S10.  Sam and Vala get into trouble off-world.  Action/adventure.

Survival is Highly Overrated (or Not): Set SG1 S10.  Sam and Vala face a new enemy after the destruction of Earth - but is everything really what it seems?  Apoco fic/action/adventure.  Written for the Women of the Gate ficathon.

Sha're & Gairwyn:

Gift from the Gods: AU.  Sha're convinces Ammonet to go to Cimmeria and faces Thor's Hammer but will her new friend Gairwyn be able to help her find Daniel and reclaim the child she has lost? Written for the Women of the Gate ficathon.


Scars on the Inside: Set post Ark of Truth.  Vala has to deal with her past when she receives unexpected visitors.  Written for the Women of the Gate ficathon.  Drama/action/adventure.

SG1 Ladies:

Begin at the Beginning: How it all began for the ladies of SG1.  Written for the Women of the Gate January 2013 Challenge.


Broken Wings: When Sheppard joins Mitchell on a cross-country flying vacation, the two men battle personal demons as enemies close in, and the combined efforts of both of their teams may not be enough to save them.  Sheppard & Mitchell friendship focus with lots of team-y goodness.  Action/Adventure.  *Novel length*

T is for Team: Five teams but always SG1.  SG1 through the ages.  Friendship/adventure.  Written for the Team Alphabet Soup.

The To-do List: Set post Ark of Truth.  The team gets into hot water off-world as Ba'al interferes with their plans to win an intergalactic motorcycle race.  Humour.  Written for the Women of the Gate ficathon.

Five Things Series: Fics written with the 'five things' meme. Usually written for the sg1_five_things community.  Mostly gen with some ship: List of Five Things

Other Pairings:

Jacob Carter/Mrs Carter:

Trouble on the Home Front; Set pre-Stargate.  Jacob returns home after a mission.  Drama/romance/adult themes.  Written for the rarepairings ficathon 2009.

Jennifer Keller/Rodney McKay:

Crossroads: Set post-S5.  Jennifer considers her personal and professional choices as life forces her to make decisions on both.  Written for the WOTG community.

John Sheppard/Ziva David:

Running Mates: Crossover with NCIS.  Ziva notices a new runner on her usual jogging route. Adult themes.

Tags: fanfiction, stargate

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