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Sweet Like Chocolate

About this poem: The inspiration for this poem admittedly is from Stargate and the Jack/Sam relationship.  It was written for my first Gateworld Sam/Jack Ship Day.


Sweet like chocolate, melted bliss
Who knew your love would be like this?
You are my heart's one true desire
The flame that sparks my passion's fire
Of all the men I've ever met
You're the one on which I'm set.

Honour, duty and sacrifice
We've paid too long a lonely price.
Wars have raged; their demands so high.
And side by side we lived the lie.
But in your eyes I've seen what's true
That you love me and I love you.

For all my dreams I didn't see
The bright perfection it would be
Our love is meant for all our days.
For you are there for me always.
Your arms surround me and we kiss
Sweet like chocolate, melted bliss.




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