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The Every Sam & Jack Shippy Moment Ever List - Season Five

-‘Welcome to my life!’ Sam
-‘You go girl’ Jack
-Sam and Jack go after Teal’c together


-The ‘am I tense’ discussion?
-His asking if he wants him to stick around when they examine her house for the alien and find nothing
-The discussion as he needs to go to the loo
-When he turns up at the house and she hints she has a date, he answers ‘Good for you’ but stands on tiptoes trying to see into the house
-His supporting her in front of Simmons in Hammond’s office and at the house

The Fifth Man:
-Her refusal to give back her weapon and her insistence on going back
-Her anger at not being able to go back

Red Sky:
-‘I’ve been thinking’, ‘I’d be worried if you stopped’
-‘I only understand 1% of what she says half the time.’ Jack about Sam
- The scene where she’s explaining the solution in her lab and he gets the theory on the reintegration right

Rite of Passage:
-Together on the way forward with Cassie and Nirtii

Beast of Burden:


Between Two Fires:
-He uses Narim’s feelings for her to influence Narim to help them

-Jack’s warning to Joe on asking Sam ‘how’
-Their discussion on the note from the future: ‘Technically I haven’t sent it yet but if I get a chance again I’m sure going to fill it with a lot more detail.’, ‘Well you were probably trying to limit the causality violation by keeping it simple.’, ‘I wonder whose idea that was?’
- His praise of her at the end

Desperate Measures:
-His concern for her from the get-go
-Jack’s face when he talks to Maybourne: ‘Harry, we’re talking about Carter here.’ ‘I know. I’m sorry Jack I really am. You know how this game is played and the people who play it. You have to prepare yourself for the possibility she might not be coming back.’
-Jack trying everything to find her including going to Simmons
-Jack arriving just in the nick of time to save her
-Her finding him shot in the basement
-The infirmary scene at the end

Wormhole X-treme:

Proving Ground:
-The scene in the mess with the jello and discussion on the new recruits
-Sam noting ‘whoops’ when Elliot shoots Jack

48 Hours:
-His ‘are you sure you want to be in there?’ question when she’s in the gate room with Siler (and Siler answering back which is funny)

The Summit & Last Stand:
-Their concern when they can’t reach each other
-Jack getting Sam out of the trapped tunnel

Fail Safe:
-Nice look in the briefing
-Concern when she gets injured and when Jack can’t raise them in the ship

The Warrior:
-His pride in her shooting skills

-His indulgence of her new toy when they first bring Reese back

The Sentinel:
-Their discussion when Sam tells him that disobeying his order is the right thing to do when he is being tortured in front of her


-Scene in the corridor when she questions them going back to work
-Her anger at his ‘good soldier crap’
-His walking through her as a hologram and checking her out
-Jack inviting Sam to join him and Teal’c for dinner

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