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Fanfiction: Closure - Part II

For disclaimers and author's note see Part I.


Part 3

It was another two months after he’d regained consciousness that Hawke walked into the suite of rooms he and Caitlin occupied to find he had a visitor. Michael Coldsmith Briggs III was waiting for him dressed as he was always dressed; in a pristine white three-piece suit with matching tie and leather shoes, carrying a wooden cane with a silver handle. His black eye-patch was the only jarring note in his sartorial elegance.

‘Michael.’ Hawke chucked his towel on the chair and went to greet his old friend with a warm handshake that turned into an awkward manly hug. ‘It’s good to see you.’ They’d spoken on the phone but it was good to see him in person.

Michael grinned at him. Hawke looked immensely improved from when the spy had last seen him. He seemed fit and healthy with good colour in his cheeks. Hawke’s short brown hair was back but he could still see through the buzz cut to the jagged scar from the surgery the other man had endured. ‘It’s good to see you. You look good.’ Michael raised an eyebrow at the exercise gear. ‘And sweaty.’

‘Physio.’ Hawke explained as he gestured for his friend to take a seat on the couch. ‘I’m not sure I’m ever going to repay you for this.’ He waved a hand around the room.

Michael shrugged. ‘It was the least I could do.’ He cleared his throat. ‘I’ve never had the chance…I wanted to tell you how sorry I was about Dominic in person.’ They hadn’t spoken about the older man in their conversations.

Hawke acknowledged the words with a tilt of his head, his own usually inscrutable expression saddening. ‘I miss him.’ He admitted.

‘I’ll deny it if you mention it outside of this room but so do I.’ Michael said with a sad smile.

Hawke poured a drink of orange juice from the jug on the sideboard. He offered it to Michael who accepted with a smile of thanks.

‘So what brings you here?’ Hawke asked.

‘What? Can’t I come and visit the sick?’ Michael asked rubbing his moustache.

Hawke raised an eyebrow. ‘Switzerland is hardly down the road. Besides…’ He finished pouring his own drink. ‘Cait and I have been expecting you, Michael. We figured you’d be showing up with a plan sooner or later.’

Michael tapped his cane on the floor. ‘I’ll try to be less predictable in future.’ He glanced round. ‘Where is Cait?’

‘She should be back any minute.’ Hawke sat down in the matching chair to the sofa. ‘She had to make a pit stop.’

‘How’s she doing?’ Michael asked.

‘Good.’ Hawke said. ‘We’ve started Lamaze classes.’

‘You’re going to be in the delivery room?’ Michael’s eyebrows shot up.

‘She wants me there and I figured it was the least I could do.’ Hawke said grinning at Michael’s horrified expression.

Whatever reply the spy had been about to make was halted in its tracks as Caitlin walked in.

‘Michael!’ Hawke saw her face light up with pleasure as she crossed the room to give the other man a hug. ‘When did you get here?’

‘About an hour ago.’ Michael said, grinning down at her. She had changed in the months since he had last seen her; her slim body had curved and her tummy was rounded and protruding. But it was the sheer happiness in her eyes as she moved away from him to greet her husband with a kiss that he noticed most. He smiled at the way Hawke rose from his chair to stand and the way their arms slid around each other; one cohesive unit.

‘You should have called us and let us know you were coming.’ Caitlin chided Michael.

‘I wanted to surprise you.’ Michael caught Hawke’s amused gaze. ‘Both of you.’

‘Well it’s great to see you.’ Caitlin said. ‘I take it you came to tell us the plan?’

Michael nodded and glanced back at Hawke. ‘The doctor has informed me that you’ve recovered enough to leave?’

‘Yeah.’ Hawke pulled at his sweatshirt before Michael could continue. ‘Look, can this wait until I take shower?’

‘It’ll keep.’ Michael stood up. ‘Why don’t I tell the rest to the two of you over dinner?’

‘Sounds good.’ Hawke started to toe his trainers off as Michael headed for the door.

Hawke caught Caitlin’s hand as she made to leave. ‘Want to join me?’

She reached over and kissed him with a smile. ‘I’ll see you in the dining room.’

Hawke stood and watched her leave not even bothering to hide the sappy grin on his face.

Dinner was a pleasant affair. The three of them ate in the clinic’s intimate dining room, sharing a table at the back. The booth provided them with privacy. Their meals were ordered and brought by a discreet waitress. The good food and cosy atmosphere made it easy to slip into the comfortable rhythm of old friendship.

‘How’s Angelina?’ Hawke asked as they tucked into their main course.

Michael beamed with fatherly pride. ‘Wonderful. She wanted to thank you for the birthday present. She said it was…cool.’

‘Good.’ Caitlin smiled. ‘I’m glad she liked it.’

‘She’s been having great fun looking after Tet.’ Michael said. ‘Although I think Tet would prefer not to have to spend so much time with Brownie.’

Hawke smiled at the mention of Angelina’s dog and Tet’s likely reaction to the boisterous Lab. ‘Yeah. Tet kinda likes being alone.’

‘Reminds of someone I used to know.’ Michael said his good eye twinkling as he cut up his steak. He couldn’t, he realised, now imagine Hawke without Caitlin.

‘How’s Marella?’ Caitlin asked.

‘Good.’ Michael was unaware of how his own expression softened inexplicably or how a small smile lifted his lips. ‘She was sorry she couldn’t come too but one of us needed to stay behind and keep the project going.’

The couple across from him exchanged a pleased look. The discussion moved on and meandered over a range of subjects. They were all relaxing over the bitter aroma of freshly served coffee when Hawke pressed Michael on the plan he had mentioned.

‘First, let me give you an update on the explosion that injured you.’ Michael took a sip of his coffee.

‘Cait told me that it was a bomb.’ Hawke’s eyes had cooled.

Michael lowered his coffee cup. ‘The Company stopped working an investigation as soon they received news from Locke of your…um…death.’ There was a question in his good eye.

‘Saint John might have given Locke that impression.’ Caitlin admitted.

‘So I stopped being the Company’s problem and they stopped investigating.’ Hawke commented.

‘Exactly.’ Michael said. ‘I picked the investigation up but I don’t have many answers for you.’

‘What do you have?’ Caitlin asked.

‘The bomb had a signature consistent with an army explosives expert called Jay Hammond, a mercenary who worked for anyone.’ Michael said.

‘Worked?’ Hawke asked noting the past tense.

‘His body washed up on an LA beach two weeks after the explosion.’ Michael explained. ‘I still have people trying to track down his last movements but we haven’t even managed to identify where he was staying yet.’

‘So whoever came after us…’ Caitlin began.

‘…is still out there.’ Hawk concluded.

‘It may not be safe for you both to return to the US without any protection.’ Michael said.

Hawke clasped Caitlin’s hand. His priority was keeping Caitlin and the baby safe. ‘What do you suggest?’

‘I can set you up with new identities and a new life anywhere in the world.’ Michael expanded.

‘You mean like witness protection?’ Caitlin asked.

Michael nodded. ‘At present both of you are presumed dead. Your death certificate was never revoked after John Bradford Horn faked your death in that kidnapping attempt,’ he said pointing to Caitlin; his finger moved to Hawke, ‘and as your brother has nicely muddied the waters about your fate, it would be easy to perpetuate that illusion.’

Hawke and Caitlin exchanged a look.

‘Witness protection won’t work for us, Michael.’ Hawke murmured.

‘My whole family is still getting over the whole my being dead thing.’ Caitlin said. ‘I have to call my Mom every day to check in.’

‘And Saint John’s just come back.’ Hawke added. He wanted the opportunity to get to know his brother again.

‘Well, that brings us to the other option.’ Michael said.

‘Which is?’

‘Come and work for me. I still want you on the new Airwolf project and it would keep you off the radar in a way returning to work at Santini Air would not.’ Michael said. ‘The new helicopter has a few bugs that have delayed things but I need people I trust. It would be great to have you on board and somehow I think Airwolf would prefer you flying her than anyone else.’

‘I take it we’re still the designated pilots on the self-preservation code.’ Hawke commented wryly.

‘Yes,’ Michael admitted, ‘but that’s not why I’m asking.’ He smiled. ‘If I was worried about that I would have asked Karen to find someway to prevent Airwolf’s intelligence from returning to the original helicopter.’

‘Yeah,’ Hawke said, ‘but you’re getting really good info from that link.’

‘I also trust that she’s operating under the parameters you set with her.’ Michael returned. ‘I no longer think it’s likely she’ll blow up something important when she’s in complete control without the failsafe of a pilot.’

‘So exactly what would we be doing if we came to work for you?’ Hawke asked.

‘You’d be lead test pilot.’ Michael said immediately. ‘Cait, you can join Hawke in the test team or there are other options if you want a less risky job.’

‘What’s the catch?’ Hawke asked.

‘No catch.’ Michael responded.

Hawke and Caitlin exchanged another look; a conversation without words.

‘Guess you have a deal, Michael.’ Hawke said. ‘But we’ll need more time. We need to visit with Cait’s folks, get the cabin ready for the baby...’

‘Take as much time as you need.’ Michael said. ‘I can wait.’

‘What about your bosses?’ Hawke asked. ‘I can’t see them being keen on my joining the project.’

Michael shrugged. ‘My deal gave me complete autonomy on the project and my orders were only to desist contact with you whilst you had the original Airwolf helicopter; that’s no longer an issue.’

‘The Company still gets this new ship of yours eventually though.’ Hawke noted.

‘Maybe not.’ Michael smoothed his tie. ‘I have something else in mind.’

Hawke quirked an eyebrow inquisitively. It wasn’t the first time Michael had hinted he was plotting something.

Michael gestured with his coffee cup. ‘You don’t want to know.’

Caitlin rolled her eyes and mouthed the word ‘spies’ at Hawke in full view of Michael. They all laughed.

Michael sighed and checked his watch. ‘I have to get going.’

They walked out with him to the front door, pausing to grab warm outdoor wear. A white limo waited at the bottom of the steps. Michael hugged Cait goodbye before turning to Hawke.

‘Let me know when you want to return to the States and I’ll arrange transport.’ Michael said holding his hand out to Hawke for a goodbye handshake.

‘Thanks, Michael.’ Hawke held the other man’s hand firmly. ‘For everything.’ The two men hugged awkwardly before Michael climbed into the car. The couple watched as it moved forward, down the driveway, disappearing from view.

Hawke glanced at the clear night sky. It was a crisp evening, cold enough that his skin prickled but it was clear and dry. ‘Want to take a walk?’ He asked Caitlin.

She nodded casting a speculative look at him and Hawke tucked Caitlin’s arm into his own as they set off down one of the well-lit garden paths.

‘So what do you think of Michael’s plan?’ Hawke asked her. They were following a path down to the lake shore.

Caitlin shrugged. ‘You’ve been a test pilot before. What’s it like?’

Hawke smiled. ‘Think about how you felt the first time you sat in Airwolf and multiply it by a hundred.’

‘I almost killed us the first time I sat in Airwolf.’ Caitlin pointed out as they rounded the bend and came to a stop.

‘That’s what makes it fun.’ He breathed in appreciatively. The air was fresh with the scent of pine. He could almost believe he was home. The sky was clear; the moon spilling light that rippled on the lake surface. Caitlin shivered beside him and he slipped an arm around her shoulders.


‘Hmmm.’ Caitlin leaned into him. ‘At least, Michael’s plan keeps us out of sight for a while. I can’t say I’m happy that whoever killed Dom could be after us.’

Hawke’s arm tightened around her. ‘Me either.’ His eyes hardened. ‘Although, I’d love to get my hands on them.’

‘I know.’ She shook her head. ‘He didn’t deserve to die that way.’

‘He didn’t deserve to die at all.’ Hawke corrected her. He sighed. ‘I miss him.’

Caitlin hugged him tightly.

‘I don’t think I can go back at Santini Air.’ Hawke admitted. ‘There are just too many memories of Dom.’

‘I know.’ Caitlin said quietly. She understood that he wanted to avoid the one memory he feared most; that of Dom’s death. If they went back to Santini Air, they would be returning to the place where Hawke had lost the man who’d raised him in the most horrific way. He was still having nightmares. She cuddled into him. ‘At least Michael’s job will keep you out of trouble and you’d be flying with Airwolf.’

‘The new ship.’ Hawke reminded her.

‘But the same intelligence.’ Caitlin said. ‘You know I’ve kinda got to thinking of Airwolf as almost like a spirit that just embodies the machine rather than the actual machine anymore.’

‘Maybe that’s a good way of looking at it.’ Hawke said.

‘I guess it really is time to go home.’ Caitlin murmured.

Hawke hugged her closer. ‘Scared?’ He asked, hearing the tremor in her voice.

She surprised him by nodding. ‘I guess hiding out here, it’s made me feel safe.’ Her hand slipped to her bump. ‘I’m kinda worried about having to deal with reality.’

‘I know.’ Hawke looked at her intently. ‘But you know the good thing?’

‘What’s that?’ Caitlin cuddled closer.

‘We’ll be together.’

She reached up and kissed him. ‘You got that right.’

He tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear and kissed her again. They headed indoors, their arms around each other.

Part 4

Hawke stopped mid-note and glanced up at the sky. A few moments later a white helicopter swung over the mountain and headed towards him. Hawke scowled and stood up, a tight grip on his cello and bow. He stomped to the cabin’s porch. Caitlin smiled up at him from her seat on the bench, putting her book to one side. Tet raised his head and looked at his master quizzically. Hawke slumped onto the bench and slipped an arm around his wife’s shoulders, his other hand sneaked to rest on the bump of their growing baby. According to the doctor’s calculations the baby was due just after the New Year and they had another month to go. They’d taken their time returning to the cabin; had spent time with Caitlin’s folks before they’d come back. It still felt strange to be back but it was home.

‘We’ve been home less than a week.’ Hawke grumbled as he felt his son kick firmly against his hand even through the layers of Caitlin’s clothing. He automatically rubbed her stomach and wondered again how his wife managed to get through each day with the baby kicking and moving so forcefully inside her.

Caitlin raised an eyebrow. ‘Which reminds me – you owe me ten bucks.’

Hawke leaned over and kissed her. She smiled as he moved back. ‘You can’t get round me that way. You bet me ten bucks after the welcome home party that we wouldn’t see Michael again until you went to work. Pay up.’

Hawke sighed and reached into his back pocket. He pulled out his wallet and handed her ten dollars. He’d just replaced his wallet as Michael and Marella reached them. They were both in the usual white; Michael in his three piece suit and Marella in a white flight suit. The female agent looked radiant. Her smooth café latte complexion glowed and her dark eyes simmering with secrets as always smiled at them. Her dark hair had grown out into a chin length bob which bounced as she moved.

Hawke stood up to greet her with a hug before he turned to Michael.

‘Hawke, how are you!’ The spy smiled at him.

Hawke glared back. ‘You couldn’t have waited another couple of days?’

Caitlin laughed at Michael’s shock and took Hawke’s hands. He pulled to her feet and she gave their friends a hug.

‘Ignore him, Michael. He just lost a bet. It’s good to see you too.’

Michael harrumphed and Hawke shrugged. He opened the door to the cabin and led the way inside. They all trooped over to the kitchen where Hawke started a pot of coffee whilst the others engaged in small talk.

‘So what brings you here? Business or pleasure?’ Hawke asked finally as he handed out mugs of freshly brewed coffee.

Michael sighed and accepted his cup with an inclination of his head. ‘Business, I guess.’

Hawke smiled. ‘Really.’ He shot a look at his wife. ‘Business huh?’

Caitlin rolled her eyes and slid the ten dollars back across the breakfast bar. ‘Easy come, easy go.’ She murmured and shifted position on the bar stool.

Michael cleared his throat to regain their attention.

Hawke gestured at him. ‘So what’s so important it couldn’t wait until I come in on Monday?’

‘We know who killed Dom.’ Michael said without any further preamble.

Hawke exchanged a shocked look with Caitlin. He lowered his mug to the counter. ‘Who?’

‘Rosalind Bening.’

Hawke stilled. Rosalind Bening was the sister of a corrupt army General who’d tried to steal Airwolf the year before. He and Dom had blown the general’s helicopter out of the sky and Rosalind had come after them seeking revenge. She had tricked Dom into believing she was someone else, someone who was in love with him. Luckily they had worked out her game and they had all survived her twisted attempt to destroy them. She had been injured in the final showdown, left in a coma the doctors had been sure she would never recover from.

‘She recovered from the coma?’ Caitlin asked stunned.

Marella nodded. ‘She was diagnosed as mentally unstable and moved to an institution in Boston. They’ve admitted she went missing in May.’

‘They’ve only just admitted it?’ Caitlin was incredulous.

‘They had to. Tania Bening and her daughter were murdered last week. When the investigators went to inform the institution they couldn’t produce Rosalind.’ Marella replied.

‘Rosalind is a prime suspect in the murders.’ Michael stated.

‘Revenge for Tania putting her in the institution, helping us, who knows?’ Marella said sadly. ‘Although Rosalind’s own bank accounts were frozen given her CIA background it’s likely that she had funds hidden away to help her disappear.’ She continued. ‘She definitely has the connections to have hired Jay Hammond.’

‘The authorities in Boston have tracked her here to LA. She arrived on a flight two days.’ Michael added.

‘Her beach house?’ Caitlin asked.

‘Deserted.’ Michael confirmed. ‘She’s insane but she’s clever.’

Hawke spoke for the first time since they had broken the news. ‘You think she’s coming after me next.’

‘I think so.’ Michael sighed.

Caitlin’s hand crept to her tummy.

Hawke reached across the breakfast bar and took her other hand in his. ‘You should leave.’ He said gruffly. ‘She’s knows how to get to the cabin.’

‘We should leave.’ Caitlin corrected.

‘We have a safe house up the coast.’ Marella said. ‘Full security already arranged.’

‘We want to move you both now.’ Michael said.

Hawke looked over at Caitlin and she read what he wanted to do in his blue eyes. She shook her head. ‘Don’t ask me.’ She said her voice trembling. ‘Don’t ask me that.’


‘No.’ She yanked her hand free of his and manoeuvred off the bar stool to make her way upstairs.

Michael and Marella shared a concerned look. The couple rarely argued.

‘Hawke,’ Michael began.

‘Leave it, Michael.’ Hawke said and went after his wife.

He found her opening their suitcase on the large bed. He closed the door behind him. She ignored him and moved between the closets, the dresser and the suitcase packing clothes.

‘Caitlin.’ Hawke folded his arms. ‘If I don’t stop her now, she’ll just keep coming after me.’

She didn’t even look at him and folded a sweater to pack it neatly into the suitcase.

Hawke stepped into her pathway and took hold of her hands. ‘You should go where you can be safe.’ He forced himself to continue at the sight of her tears and held her hands against his chest. ‘Cait, if I stay here, she’ll come to me. I can stop her.’

‘You could be killed.’ Caitlin pointed out. ‘It was only a few months ago, you almost were.’

‘I’ll be prepared for her this time.’ Hawke said.

‘You promised me you’d be there for us.’ Caitlin whispered.

‘This doesn’t change that and I need to do this.’ He freed a hand to nudge her chin up so she was forced into meeting his eyes. ‘I owe Dom.’

They looked at each other for a long time.

Caitlin sighed. ‘You don’t need to worry.’ She said pulling away. ‘I’m only packing my things. You’re right, I have to leave; I have to think of the baby’s safety first.’

Her tone was sharp and the implication clear; he wasn’t thinking of her or the baby. Hawke inwardly flinched and tried to push away the guilt she had prompted with her remark. He regarded the tense line of her back. He made a move toward her, thought twice and left the bedroom.

Caitlin heard the soft click of the bedroom door shutting and sat down on the bed giving in to the tears. Dammit, she thought angrily, she was due to give birth in just over a month, surely he could see that putting his life at risk now…she swiped at her cheeks and dried her eyes. She had to finish packing.

Downstairs, Marella tweaked the curtain back into place before she gracefully got to her feet and went over to perch on the arm of the easy chair Michael was sitting in by the fire.

‘He’s just standing staring at the lake.’ She said.

Michael lifted a hand off the top of his cane. ‘He’s right, you know. He can bait a trap here and get Rosalind before she can make another attempt to kill him.’

‘Maybe but I know I wouldn’t want my husband putting his life at risk that way a month away from the birth of our first child.’ Marella returned. Her voice was even and betrayed nothing of her own personal pain that she could never have a child of her own.

‘He’s doing this for Caitlin to make sure they’re safe.’ Michael pointed out.

‘He’s doing this because Rosalind killed Dom and he wants revenge.’ Marella shot back.

The two of them stared at each other.

‘You take Caitlin…’ Michael began.

‘You’ll stay with Hawke.’ Marella concluded.

Part 5

Hawke sat on the porch steps and contemplated the gathering clouds in the sky above as Tet whined at his feet. It looked like there was a storm brewing. He took a gulp of beer and checked his watch. Caitlin would be tucked up in bed by now. The sheer effort of moving around tired her these days. Hawke sighed. Their goodbye had been hard; he wasn’t sure Caitlin was going to forgive him for the decision he’d made and deep down he honestly wasn’t sure she should; he was risking his life to get Dom’s killer when she and their baby needed him. Not to mention that she was probably worrying about him again, something else she didn’t need at the end of an already difficult pregnancy. But, Hawke thought, she and their son were safe away from the cabin and when he got Rosalind, they wouldn’t need to worry anymore or be parted again.

Hawke’s blue eyes turned icy as he considered Rosalind Bening. He could believe that she had been the one to organise putting that bomb into the helicopter; she was so twisted, so crazy. She had put Dom through one of the worst experiences of his life; conning him into falling in love with her before her true identity and purpose had been revealed. Hawke could still remember how torn up the older man had been at the revelation that the woman he had intended to marry was only after revenge.

Hawke heard the sound of the electric tool outside the door of the hangar. Dom was still up and working. He braced himself; this wasn’t going to be an easy conversation but it was one of the most important he had ever had in his life. Dom had been so angry with him over his investigating Rosa’s…no, not Rosa – Rosalind’s background. He touched the cut on his lip where the older man had punched him. Hawke sighed. Of course it didn’t help that he’d been proven right; that Rosalind did have ulterior motives over her relationship with Dom, fatal motives that had almost killed Dom earlier that day. He opened the door and stepped into the harsh white light. He followed the sounds until he came to a halt at the bottom of the workbench where Dom was sat.

Hey.’ He said trying to get Dom’s attention from the engine component he was fixing. The older man looked stern, his craggy face set in harsh lines.

It’s late.’ Dom said not looking up. Hawke knew it was way past midnight; it had been past midnight when Cait had finally chucked him out of bed and told him to go talk to Dom.

Yeah. I just…I just wanted to check you were OK.’ Hawke said. He hunched his shoulders and rocked back on his heels.

The doctor said I was fine. Just some pulled muscles and scrapes.’ Dom still hadn’t looked at him. Hawke struggled to find the right thing to say.

That wasn’t what I meant, Dom.’ He said at last.

Dom finally raised his head to look at him. There was anger in the gaze, embarrassment and pride, a whole lot of injured pride. ‘What do you want me to say, String? That I feel a fool.’ He said angrily. ‘Well, I do. An old fool.’

You’re not the first one of us to be fooled, Dom.’ Hawke reminded him quickly. ‘And I seem to recall you’re usually the first to tell us not to beat ourselves up about it.’

Dom harrumphed. He sighed and admitted that he’d really liked Rosa. ‘I just can’t believe my Rosa turned out to be General Bening’s sister. She was so twisted, String. Why couldn’t I see it?’

You wanted to believe in her.’ Hawke said gently.

I did want to believe in her.’ Dom admitted. ‘I wanted to believe a beautiful woman loved me.’ He sighed. ‘Who was I trying to kid?’

Dom…’ Hawke didn’t know how to comfort the other man; he looked so…defeated and disheartened.

Dom sighed again and looked up at Hawke. ‘Before she started shooting…she said some things, String. How she was going to destroy us both.’ He looked down. ‘She was going to kill Caitlin and then you. And she told me how she was going to destroy us, poison our relationship.’

She would never have been able to do that, Dom.’ Hawke denied firmly.

Dom’s eyes settled on Hawke’s split lip. ‘I don’t know, kid. I was pretty furious with you.’

We would have gotten past it.’ Hawke said confidently. ‘I know we kid around with each other a lot but we’re family. We’ll always be there for each other.’

Dom nodded slowly and his eyes warmed with humour. ‘Always is a long time, kid. You sure you want me around that long?’

I’m just glad we’ll get the chance to find out.’ Hawke returned.

So am I, kid.’ Dom pulled him into a hug…

Hawke frowned. Rosalind had taken that chance away from them when she’d arranged the bomb in the helicopter; Dom was dead.

‘Is this a private party or can anyone join?’

Hawke glanced up as Michael lowered himself carefully to sit beside him. The spy had left Hawke alone since Caitlin had departed with Marella and Hawke had been grateful. He sighed. He guessed even Michael’s patience wasn’t endless.

‘Do we have a plan?’ Michael asked.

‘She can only get her by horse, motorbike or chopper.’ Hawke said. ‘I figure we’ll hear her coming.’

‘You’ll hear her coming.’ Michael agreed. The pilot’s sensitive hearing was one of his hidden strengths. ‘And then?’

‘Best thing is to let her proceed as though she’s going to be successful.’ Hawke jerked his head back at the cabin. ‘I figure we’ll let her get inside and up to the bedroom. I’ll be waiting for her. You come up the stairs and back me up.’

‘Are you sure she’ll come inside?’ Michael questioned.

‘Yeah. She’ll want to do it face to face, Michael. She’ll want to gloat, torment me over what she did to Dom.’ Hawke swallowed hard; a flash of memory…Dom waving in the helicopter, the deadly bang and the ball of fire where the helicopter had stood. Hawke shuddered.

‘Will you be able to keep it together if she does?’ The question was gentle.

‘Honestly, Michael, I don’t know.’ Hawke admitted.

Michael was silent. As far as he was concerned, his decision was already made; if Rosalind Bening took one step into the cabin, Michael was going to shoot her dead. He wasn’t taking the chance of her getting close enough to Hawke to engage him. He sighed. ‘Marella checked in.’


‘She and Caitlin are settled into the safe house.’ Michael confirmed.

‘Good.’ Hawke’s voice betrayed none of the emotions that churned through him.

‘She’ll forgive you, Hawke.’ Michael said softly.

Hawke’s eyes flickered to him in surprise.

‘She loves you,’ Michael said, ‘and she understands.’

Hawke looked away from the compassion in the other man’s face. It seemed strange to be sat with Michael. He’d always had these conversations with…with Dom. He rubbed a hand over his face. ‘She thinks I’ve broken my promise to her.’ He found himself confiding.

‘Have you?’ Michael asked.

‘Maybe.’ Hawke sighed. ‘I promised I would be there for her and the baby.’

‘Seems to me all you’re trying to do is keep them safe.’ Michael contradicted him.

‘Am I?’ Hawke shook his head and gestured with the beer bottle. ‘I’d be lying if I said this had nothing to do with bringing Dom’s killer to justice. She knows that.’

‘And she understands it.’ Michael repeated. ‘She’s just worried about you. She almost lost you with that bomb and she’s scared she might lose you now. You, of all people, should know how that feels.’

Hawke felt a wash of guilt. Of course, he understood. God, his fear of losing her could sometimes bring him to his knees. He didn’t know how he would survive without her…he frowned.

‘What’s wrong?’ Michael asked seeing Hawke’s expression change.

Hawke glanced at the spy. ‘After Rosalind tried to kill Dom at her beach house, I went to Santini Air to see Dom, check he was OK…’

‘And?’ prompted Michael.

‘And we talked about Rosalind’s plans…’ Something in the memory was teasing at him; something that Dom had said. He got to his feet and paced.

Michael watched concerned.

The first raindrop landed on Hawke’s skin as his blue eyes widened with horrific realisation. He raced back into the cabin. He headed straight for the satellite phone. Michael followed after him, limping.

‘What’s wrong?’ Michael asked. Hawke’s panic was so evident that it immediately worried him; Hawke wasn’t the type to panic.

‘We need to raise the safe house.’ Hawke said, thrusting the briefcase open.

Michael hurried over to help him. He changed the frequency and dialled the number. He frowned. A dead tone. That couldn’t be right. His eye met Hawke’s. ‘It’s dead.’

‘Damn.’ Hawke grabbed the hand pistols he had stored behind the bar and handed one to Michael as they left the cabin and headed for the chopper. The rain was coming down hard and they were both damp when they climbed into the machine. The take off was fast.

‘It could just be the storm affecting communications.’ Michael suggested as they looped away from the cabin to the coast.

‘It’s Rosalind. She’s gone after Cait.’

‘How do you know?’ Michael asked

‘I remembered Dom told me that Rosalind was going to destroy me by killing Caitlin,’ Hawke muttered, ‘and I just handed my wife to Rosalind Bening on a plate.’

‘Oh my God.’ Michael said quietly as he confirmed the coordinates to Hawke. He knew Rosalind’s plan had a good chance of succeeding if she did kill Cait. There had been a kidnapping just before the helicopter explosion when Hawke had thought for four days that Caitlin was dead…Michael had found Hawke in the middle of the night with a loaded gun ready to end his own life. It was something that remained a secret between the two men and something neither had spoken about since it had happened.

Hawke steadied the chopper against the storm. He just hoped he hadn’t remembered too late. His fear rose through his gullet and choked him along with another wave of corrosive guilt. He pushed the helicopter beyond its top speed and wished it was Airwolf. He had to get to the safe house in time, had to. He couldn’t bear to think about the alternative.

Continued in Part III.





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