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Fanfiction: And They All Lived - Part III

For disclaimers and author's note see Part I.


Part 7

His beach house was one of the few places that Antonio Cordelli felt safe. Set into the very rock of the cliff face, it was a veritable fortress. One steep road leading up, one steep staircase leading down to a small rocky beach; fantastic views of anything approaching for miles. It took Airwolf and Hawke five minutes to determine the weakness: the roof of the house was completely unguarded and a helicopter descending from a high altitude could land on top of it. In a normal helicopter, the beating of the rotors might have given the presence of the machine away; Airwolf was no ordinary helicopter.

Hawke silently made his way into the house. A cursory inspection detected an alarm system that Airwolf easily neutralised. Cordelli was dining and Hawke figured it would be a good move to re-enact their last meeting. It would be private and it wouldn’t alert any of the large muscular bodyguards that Cordelli usually kept with him. He made his way to the mobster’s study and waited. He’d timed it perfectly; the door opened and light spilled in from the corridor before the dark shapeless form of Cordelli dismissed his body-guards before closing the door.

Hawke didn’t wait; he snapped on the small lamp beside him; Cordelli visibly jumped.

Antonio recovered quickly, his eyes glancing off the gun pointed at him. ‘Stringfellow Hawke.’ He walked over to his drinks cabinet. ‘I believed our business concluded.’

‘Somebody wants it reopened.’ Hawke said quietly.

Antonio turned in surprise. He frowned and lifted the heavy crystal decanter. ‘May I offer you something?’

‘Answers.’ Hawke shot back. ‘Who would want me to eliminate you?’

Antonio laughed and poured himself a large whiskey. ‘I have many enemies, Hawke.’

‘And I need you to name one.’ Hawke debated for a moment. ‘Somebody kidnapped my sister today and they were expecting me to blame you.’

‘Tell me more.’ Antonio encouraged as he sat down.

‘Intelligent boss; inferior crew.’ Hawke said succinctly. ‘They screwed up with the look-out point and with the grab.’

‘How many in the crew?’ Antonio asked politely. He took a sip of his drink.

Hawke’s eyes narrowed. ‘Four including the driver.’

Antonio swirled his drink. ‘It sounds like Val’s crew.’

‘Val?’ Hawke pressed.

‘Val Andrews.’ Antonio’s dark eyes met Hawke’s. ‘I believe you were acquainted with his ex-business partner, John Bradford Horn and of course the daughter they shared, Angelica.’

Hawke raised his eyebrows. ‘I’ve heard of him.’

‘It would be out of character.’ Antonio commented, fingering his tie. ‘Val is usually smart enough to stay neutral.’

‘Looks like he picked a side.’ Hawke said and stood up.

‘If Val has picked a side, your sister has already been handed over to whoever is really behind this.’ Antonio said as Hawke crossed the room to the window.

Hawke paused and turned to look at Antonio questioningly.

‘Val always works for someone.’ Antonio expanded.

Hawke nodded. ‘Thanks for the information.’ He climbed out of the window leaving a pensive Antonio. It didn’t take him long to climb up the trellis to the roof. Airwolf descended quickly and he climbed aboard.

‘Well?’ Saint John demanded.

‘Airwolf, display any current information about the whereabouts of Val Andrews.’


‘Why is that name familiar?’ Jo asked out loud.

‘He was Angelica Horn’s natural father.’ Hawke reminded her.

Saint John glanced over at his brother. ‘Cordelli gave him up?’

‘Yeah.’ Hawke responded, staring impatiently at the monitor.

‘Are we sure he wasn’t just spinning a line?’ Saint John checked as he banked left.

‘He was shocked to see me.’ Hawke said. ‘I’m certain he isn’t behind it.’

‘Then who is?’ Saint John asked. ‘This Val Andrews guy?’

‘Cordelli thinks he’s working for someone else.’ Hawke said.

‘Maybe another Cordelli.’ Saint John suggested dryly. ‘Antonio may not be behind this but it could be someone else in the family trying to get revenge for Giovanni.’

‘Could be.’ Hawke allowed.

‘But you don’t think so.’ Jo stated assuredly.

Hawke glanced over his shoulder at her sat at the engineer’s console. ‘No, I don’t think so.’ His gaze slid back to the front. ‘Giovanni was the wild card; the others pretty much follow Antonio.’

Current LA address for Val Andrews is 141 Echo Avenue. Plotting course.

‘Thanks, Airwolf.’ Hawke muttered. He nodded at Saint John who guided the aircraft forward.

‘You know that’s pretty creepy.’ Saint John said.

‘What?’ Hawke asked, folding his arms.

‘This whole intelligence thing.’ Saint John shifted in his seat. ‘Don’t you worry she’s just going to take control?’

Hawke’s lips twitched. ‘No,’ he said, ‘but then she likes me.’

‘Funny.’ Saint John said. ‘ETA five minutes.’

Jo tapped in a long range scan. ‘Do we have a plan?’

‘Put the fear of God into him and make him tell us what’s happened to Sarah and Mike.’ Hawke said.

‘Well, that’s thought out.’ Jo muttered. ‘We can’t just go storming in there.’

Saint John and Hawke exchanged a knowing and amused look. Jo rolled her eyes. Her eyes snapped to the monitor.

‘Uh…guys?’ Jo hit the identification scan. ‘We have a bird in the air leaving that location. It’s souped up with sidewinders.’

‘He’s running.’ Hawke glowered. He looked over at Saint John. ‘I’ll take over.’

Saint John sighed but Airwolf was Hawke’s baby; he relinquished the controls.

‘Combat mode. Turbos.’ Hawke ordered.

‘Combat mode.’ Jo confirmed, hitting the button; the snick of the missile pods and the deployment of the chain guns was barely audible in the cockpit. ‘Turbos.’

Hawke hit the turbos and Airwolf jumped forward. They easily caught up with the fleeing helicopter, coming up alongside it.

Saint John connected the communications. ‘Andrews, this is Airwolf. Set your chopper on the ground.’

The helicopter veered away from them.

‘Missile.’ Jo snapped.

‘Sunburst.’ Hawke ordered as he evaded the missile easily. There was an explosion behind as the sunburst caught the missile.

‘He’s got another one off at us.’ The faint tremor in Jo’s voice gave away her excitement and nervousness.

Hawke pulled up sharply and hit the turbos again; he executed a perfect hammerhead stall and dived back to the meet the oncoming missile; at the last moment he fired a missile himself and the two collided as Hawke turned Airwolf away. He caught up with the helicopter and zipped by it at mach speed. Andrew’s helicopter rocked ominously in the air.

‘Easy.’ Saint John said nervously. ‘We want him alive.’

Hawke’s only response was a slight tightening of his eyes as he turned Airwolf and repeated the manoeuvre. He did it again. The pilot of the other chopper was forced to descend and the helicopter hit the ground with a bump. A man immediately got out and started running. Hawke swung Airwolf in front of the runner who cringed around a briefcase he had carried with him. Hawke held her steady; her rotors beating sending dirt and debris up from the ground into Val Andrews’s eyes; the Lady’s nose almost touching him.

Andrews fell to his knees. ‘Please. Please.’ He held up a hand in surrender.

Hawke set the Lady down and Saint John jumped out to cover Andrews with a gun.

‘Keep an eye on things, Jo. Let us know if we’re going to be surprised.’ Hawke muttered as he followed his brother.

The two brothers exchanged a quick look. Saint John ran over to check the pilot of Andrews’s chopper; he dragged him out and knocked him out. The pilot fell to the grass. Saint John returned to Hawke and the snivelling Andrews, who was still on his knees in front of Airwolf.

‘This wasn’t my idea!’ Andrews said quickly. ‘I swear! He made me do it.’

‘Who made you do it?’ Saint John asked, keeping his gun pointed steadily at Andrews.

Andrews pressed his lips together and shook his head. ‘I can’t tell you. He’ll kill me.’

‘You don’t tell us and we’ll kill you.’ Saint John said coldly.

‘Look, I never wanted to get involved.’ Andrews looked from one brother to the other, his green eyes beseeching them and finding only hard determination looking back at him. ‘It’s all Giovanni’s fault. He just couldn’t stop himself from using Matt’s name and then Matt found out and this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion…’

Hawke’s quick mind was putting the pieces together; his jaw clenched. ‘Matt Sterling. You’re saying Matt Sterling’s behind this?’

Andrews nodded and visibly gulped; his Adam’s apple working in his scrawny neck. ‘ Sterling found out how Giovanni had pretended to be him.’ He gestured at Airwolf weakly. ‘He found out about that. He figured he could do what Giovanni had failed to do and because you would blame the Cordelli’s…’

‘He would get his revenge for being used in Giovanni’s scheme.’ Saint John concluded.

‘Where’s our sister?’ Hawke asked tersely.

‘I don’t know.’

Saint John and Hawke exchanged a look and Saint John lashed out, catching Andrews on the jaw. The mobster fell to the ground before he righted himself a little. ‘I honestly don’t know!’

‘You know something.’ Hawke pointed out with cold logic. ‘They’re your crew.’

‘They were supposed to hand her over tonight.’ Andrews admitted. ‘A motel on the coastal highway…the Pebble something. That’s all I know. I swear.’ He looked down at the ground. ‘Sterling didn’t trust me with anything else.’

‘That I can believe.’ Saint John said.

Hawke nodded at him.

Saint John brought his gun down on the back of Andrews head. Andrews slumped forward unconscious.

The brothers got back into Airwolf. Hawke adjusted his helmet and started her up. A moment later, they were airborne.

‘So now what?’ Jo demanded.

‘Now we find this Pebble motel and find Sarah and Mike.’ Saint John replied when Hawke didn’t respond. ‘Run a search on all motels on the highway with pebble in the name.’

‘Right.’ Jo tapped the instructions into Airwolf. ‘There are three.’

‘So we should check them all out.’ Saint John suggested.

‘No.’ Hawke started sightlessly out at the blue sky. ‘Something’s not right.’

Saint John looked at his brother with a frown. ‘What do you mean?’

‘Sterling’s a shark.’ Hawke stated. ‘He’s much more intelligent than Giovanni.’

‘So?’ Saint John demanded impatiently.

‘So, Sterling knew that if he used Andrews to make the grab, we would work it out and come after Andrews.’ Hawke said.

‘You think he planted the information.’ Jo realised.

Hawke glanced over at Saint John who sighed in despondent agreement. ‘Then what?’

‘The motel is either a trap or misdirection.’ Hawke rolled his shoulders as he considered the options. ‘Sterling thinks he can do what Cordelli failed to…’

‘Get his hands on Airwolf.’ Saint John added.

‘Yeah…’ Hawke nodded thoughtfully. ‘He knows I’d work out he’d planted the information about the motel.’

‘A trap then,’ Saint John said, ‘since we have no other leads.’

‘Maybe.’ Hawke said.

The incoming communication alarm sounded.

‘Maybe not.’ Hawke added dryly.

Jo responded to the summons and Michael’s face appeared in the video monitor.

‘Hawke.’ Michael leaned forward excitedly. ‘Sebastian managed to track down the identity of the third party trying to find your family…’

‘Matt Sterling.’ Hawke interjected.

Michael glared at him. ‘You know that’s very annoying.’

‘Sterling used Val Andrews to make the grab.’ Hawke explained. ‘Andrews gave up a location; a motel on the coast with pebble in the name.’

‘A trap?’ Michael suggested, his fingers tapping restlessly on the top of the desk.

‘We think so.’ Saint John said. ‘Which doesn’t get us much closer to finding out where Sarah and Mike are.’

‘What are your intentions?’ Michael asked soberly.

Hawke’s blue eyes gleamed suddenly and Michael knew Sterling had just lost the battle.

‘I have a plan.’ Hawke said.

Part 8

Jane watched as Marella helped Caitlin out of the helicopter and across the small expanse of sand to the house. She hugged her daughter-in-law and noted the tight white lines that marked the younger woman’s face with concern. ‘Why don’t we get you inside?’

‘Thanks.’ Caitlin said gratefully. She was feeling the effects of the long day on her still recovering body; every bone ached, every scar stung. She settled on the sofa with a sigh of relief.

Marella gave her a sympathetic smile and placed Nicky beside her friend. ‘Would you like some painkillers?’

‘That would be good.’ Caitlin admitted.

Marella nodded and headed off into the kitchen to organise some water.

‘Perhaps you should have stayed at the cabin.’ Alan suggested. ‘We’ve got everything under control here.’

‘I know,’ Caitlin grimaced a little, ‘and as much as I would like to pretend that I’m here just for Chris, the truth is that if someone is after us, we’re best sticking together right now.’

Alan nodded. ‘That cabin of yours is remote.’

Caitlin shrugged. She loved her home but she was willing to concede that she had felt a little isolated until Marella had shown up.

Marella nudged her arm and Caitlin took the glass of water and the painkillers her friend pressed on her.

‘Maybe we should get you settled on Sarah’s bed.’ Marella suggested.

Caitlin shook her head. ‘Has there been any news?’

Alan and Jane exchanged a look before Alan sighed. ‘Seb called earlier. He’s discovered the identity of the other guy was looking for us and it turns out that the boys think it’s the same guy who grabbed Sarah and Mike.’

‘Who?’ demanded Caitlin.

‘A guy called Matt Sterling.’

Marella and Caitlin looked at each other in stunned recognition.

Alan frowned. ‘You know the guy?’

‘Know of him.’ Marella corrected.

‘We came across him a couple of years ago.’ Caitlin said. ‘There was a young boy, Le, who we all thought for a time was Saint John’s son…’

‘Saint John’s told me about him.’ Alan confirmed.

‘Good.’ Caitlin murmured. ‘Well, we were trying to find Le’s Mom. She’d gotten caught up in an illegal trafficking scheme; we all believed the guy who ran it was involved with Sterling.’

‘We managed to close down the illegal trafficking but we failed to find any evidence to connect Sterling.’ Marella added.

‘Sterling’s connected to the New York mob.’ Caitlin remembered. ‘But he has a squeaky clean public persona.’

‘Cordelli used Sterling’s name to muddy the water over who was responsible for trying to grab Airwolf last year.’ Marella said.

‘Which explains why Sterling was keen to make it appear like the Cordelli’s were responsible.’ Caitlin shook her head. ‘He must have hoped Hawke would hare off on some revenge mission thinking Cordelli was responsible for grabbing Sarah.’

‘Which would be the perfect revenge for Cordelli using his name.’ Marella sighed. ‘I take it there is a plan?’

‘Yes.’ Alan scowled. ‘Seb said he couldn’t say much and Michael refused to tell me.’

Marella hid a smile. ‘I’m sure your sons have it under control.’

Jane got up suddenly and headed out to the back porch.

Alan made to go after her and Caitlin caught hold of his arm as he passed by the sofa.

‘Let me.’ She said.

He nodded slowly and helped her up from the sofa. He shook his head in amazement as she made her way out to Jane.

Caitlin sat beside her mother-in-law on the old swing. For a long moment, they looked out on the breaking waves and the relentless pull and push of the tide.

‘You know the first thing I learned about Hawke when I met him?’ Caitlin began, her eyes fixed on the distant horizon. ‘How great he was at surviving.’

Jane gave an understanding smile. ‘I think you have that in common.’ She said wryly.

‘Maybe.’ Caitlin allowed with a smile of her own. She looked over at the older woman. ‘He’ll come home.’

Jane nodded jerkily. ‘I just…I couldn’t bear to lose him again…any of them.’ Her fingers twisted together anxiously and Caitlin reached out to cover them. They held hands for a long while before Jane released her with a grateful nod and Caitlin settled back into the swings dusty cushions.

‘I’ve been meaning to ask you something,’ Jane said suddenly into the silence.

‘Oh?’ Caitlin prompted.

‘Why do you call him Hawke?’ Jane asked perplexed.

Caitlin laughed. ‘Habit. I don’t know. We were friends for a long time before we got together and Hawke just seemed to suit him better. He says when I call him String, he knows he’s in trouble.’

Jane smiled in understanding.

‘Can I ask you something?’ Caitlin said.

‘Of course.’ Jane agreed.

‘Why the names?’ Caitlin asked bluntly. ‘And why the ‘s’?’

Jane laughed. ‘Well, the names are unusual here but not so much in England which is where my mother was from. She wanted Saint John because it was her father’s name.’

‘Ah.’ Caitlin nodded understandingly.

‘But she used to tell us stories of her cousin, Stringfellow and I always liked the name. It was just a coincidence they both began with an ‘s.’’ Jane admitted. ‘Alan chose Sarah and by the time we had Sebastian…’

‘It was a tradition.’ Caitlin concluded. She nodded understandingly. ‘We thought about continuing it but with Dom…’

‘Alan won’t say but I know he’s thrilled to be part of Nicky’s name.’ Jane confided.

Caitlin smiled sadly. ‘I wanted to name him after Hawke’s two fathers.’

‘What about your own father?’ Jane inquired impulsively. ‘Didn’t he mind?’

‘Well, at the time, we thought you guys were dead and my Dad was very fond of Dom so he understood the reasoning.’ Caitlin’s smile turned bittersweet. ‘He made me promise if our second child was a boy that we would include Patrick somewhere in the name.’

Jane gazed sympathetically at her daughter-in-law. ‘I lost my third child.’

Caitlin’s eyes snapped to hers.

‘Susannah. She was stillborn.’ Jane’s expression saddened. ‘We were devastated.’

‘Hawke’s never said.’ Caitlin murmured.

‘Oh, the boys were too young to remember.’ Jane smiled sadly. ‘We remember her though. I think that’s partially why we were so over-protective with Sarah.’ A worried note returned to her voice.

‘They’ll bring her home.’ Caitlin assured her.

‘I just hope she’s OK.’ Jane said.

‘Mike’s with her.’ Caitlin said. ‘He’ll look after her.’

Part 9

‘Oh my head.’ Mike groaned. His hands drifted up to gingerly touch the bump at the back of his head.

‘Careful.’ Sarah warned him. She sat down on the bed beside him and helped him into a sitting position. ‘You took quite a knock. I was getting worried.’

Mike’s eyes sharpened at the way her voice trembled although the words had been said lightly. ‘I always did have trouble waking up.’ He looked around the room. Motel, he surmised taking in the rundown furniture and Seventies style décor. ‘Where are we?’

‘Some abandoned motel.’ Sarah said, confirming his suspicions. ‘We were driving for a long time before we got here and there doesn’t seem to be anybody else here.’ She crossed her arms. ‘I think they’re going to hand us over to someone else.’

Mike looked at her questioningly.

‘I overheard them talking.’ Sarah admitted.

‘What did they say exactly?’ Mike asked.

‘Just that they had to make the rendezvous or some guy called Sterling was going to be pissed.’ Sarah related.

‘Sterling?’ Mike’s eyes widened. ‘Are you sure they said Sterling?’

‘Yeah.’ Sarah nodded. ‘Isn’t he the guy you all thought was initially behind the attempts to take Airwolf?’

‘Yeah.’ Mike nodded and winced at the sharp pain in his head. ‘He was.’ He slid off the bed and headed over to the window. He pushed the lurid green curtains aside and peeked out. He caught sight of the guard they had left outside the door; the van parked out front with the driver talking to one of the other men. The fourth one was lounged beside the van reading a newspaper. Amateurs, Mike thought. If they were professionals they would have stowed the van outside, not to mention they wouldn’t have grabbed him. He looked at the weaponry they carried and his frown deepened. They might be amateurs but they were still armed and they could pack a punch. His hand drifted up to his head again.

He glanced back at Sarah who was staring despondently at the floor. ‘Hey.’ He made his way back to the bed and slung an arm around her. She cuddled into him immediately. ‘We’re going to get out of this.’ He promised her.

‘How do you know?’ Sarah asked.

‘Because your brothers are no doubt on their way in the Lady.’ Mike assured her. ‘They won’t stop until they find you.’

Sarah nodded acknowledging the truth of it. ‘I can’t stop thinking about Chris.’

‘He’ll be OK.’ Mike said, rubbing her back comfortingly. ‘He’s a tough kid.’

Sarah sighed. ‘He’s been through so much. I’ve dragged him all around the country and…’

‘Ah, kids are resilient.’ Mike said, interrupting her. ‘I was a military brat and we moved around a lot. I turned out OK.’

‘That’s a matter of opinion.’ Sarah pointed out.

‘Hey.’ He laughed, pleased that she was recovering her spirit.

Sarah sighed and rubbed her nose. ‘I’m sorry.’

‘What for?’ Mike asked confused.

‘Dragging you into this.’ Sarah said.

‘That wasn’t you.’ Mike argued. ‘It was the bozos outside.’

Sarah nodded. ‘Actually, I’m lying,’ she admitted, ‘I’m really pleased I’m not alone.’

Mike nodded.

‘I am sorry you missed your date.’ Sarah said quietly.

‘There’ll be others.’ Mike said optimistically. ‘What about you? What happened with this guy from the airfield?’

She shrugged. ‘He didn’t take the news that I had a son very well.’

‘Idiot. Him not you.’ Mike said. ‘Chris is a great kid.’

‘I wish other guys felt the same.’ Sarah sighed. ‘I knew it was going to be difficult finding someone being a single Mom and all, but I really thought it was going to be easier than this.’

‘You’ll find someone great.’ Mike said.

‘You mean someone like you?’ Sarah raised her head to look at him squarely. She registered the shock in his eyes as he took in her statement.


She stood up and his arm fell away from her. She paced to the other side of the room, her arms wrapped tightly around herself. ‘You’re not interested either, are you?’

Mike considered his words carefully. ‘Sarah, you are wonderful, and smart, and very attractive.’

Her head snapped round to him. ‘But?’

He held her blue gaze firmly. ‘You’re also the little sister of my best friend and my flying partner. This,’ he gestured, pointing at her and then himself, ‘would be far too complicated.’

Sarah shifted her weight. ‘I guess I knew that.’

‘I kinda like my face the way it is.’ Mike joked, trying to lighten the atmosphere between them.

‘Me too.’ Sarah sighed. ‘I’m sorry for…’ she gestured vaguely.

‘No need.’ Mike said hurriedly. ‘Nobody minds being told they’re liked.’

‘Well, I didn’t actually say that.’ Sarah pointed out.

‘But that’s what you meant.’ Mike said smugly.

She stuck her tongue out at him.

‘Brat.’ He said good-naturedly.

The sound of a helicopter outside had their heads turning towards the window.

Mike gestured for Sarah to stay back as he went to have a look. ‘Looks like the big guys just arrived.’ He hurried back to the bed and they were both sat together, their hands locked together when the door opened.

Mike’s mouth fell open slightly and he snapped it shut. ‘Marshall Evan.’ He stared aghast at the former deputy director of the Company. Evan had disappeared soon after arranging an ambush that had allowed Giovanni Cordelli to kill Angelica Horn.

‘Rivers.’ Evan smiled smarmily. ‘It’s good to see you.’ His eyes slid to Sarah. ‘And you too, Ms Hawke.’ His smile tightened. ‘I see the family resemblance.’

Sarah glowered at him.

‘How did you get mixed up with Sterling?’ Mike asked bluntly.

Evan scowled.

‘Your boys weren’t exactly careful on what they said.’ Mike said.

‘Or who they picked up.’ Evan retorted.

‘How did you get mixed up with Sterling?’ Mike repeated softly. ‘I’d thought you’d thrown your lot in with Cordelli.’

‘Giovanni Cordelli wasn’t exactly pleased at the outcome of the ambush.’ Evan admitted. ‘He tried to kill me so I sought employment elsewhere.’

‘You went to Sterling and let him in on the fact that Cordelli was pretending to be him.’ Mike surmised.

‘He was very appreciative.’ Evan smirked. ‘He was very interested in the idea of Airwolf but he decided to wait until Cordelli had buried himself before he made his move.’

Mike shook his head. ‘You sold us out.’

‘Do you know what the retirement options are in the Company?’ Evan said harshly. ‘A bullet through the brain usually. I wasn’t going to end up that way.’

‘I wouldn’t speak too soon.’ Mike said with all trace of his usually easy going manner absent.

Evan’s smile turned feral. ‘We’ll see which one of us comes out of this in one piece, Rivers.’

‘My brothers will rescue us.’ Sarah said defiantly.

‘Oh, I hope so.’ Evan said. ‘I’ve been looking forward to this for days; the opportunity to best the great Stringfellow Hawke.’

‘You can’t seriously expect to get the better of Hawke.’ Mike said incredulous.

‘He’s over-rated.’

‘Oh…I’m going to enjoy seeing you get your butt kicked.’ Mike said.

Evan smiled and seemed to turn away; he suddenly swung around, back-handing Mike who went sprawling on the floor. Sarah made to go to him and Evan caught hold of her and shoved her at one of the guards who had come inside the room with him. ‘Take her and put her out in the middle of the car-park as we planned.’

Mike made to get up to stop the guard and Evan kicked him.

‘Tie him up in a chair next to the window. I want him to see his precious Hawkes get their comeuppance before he dies.’ Evan said.

Mike struggled but within moments found himself tied to a chair, facing the window, helpless to do anything but watch the drama unfold.

Sarah was equally helpless; she had been tied to an old flagpole in the middle of the motel’s car-park. A rope around her middle and over her wrists kept her immobile. She struggled anyway and realised with a frustrated sob she was tightening the ropes rather than loosening them. She looked around helplessly.

The original mob who’d grabbed her had disappeared and in their place, there seemed to be a small army. A guy with a shoulder launcher was hidden behind a stack of crates on one side of the car-park; men with machine guns on the other. They were obviously intending to bring Airwolf down.

Sarah heard the faint echo of something in the sky and only just stopped herself from looking up. An instant later, a missile flew through the air causing everyone to duck; the far side of the motel burst into flames. Canisters dropped from the sky and exploded at the far edges of the car-park, obscuring the vision of the hidden men who began wheezing and covering their eyes at the stinging gas.

‘Stay alert!’ Evan yelled. ‘Stay alert!’

Airwolf descended into the smoke and chaos; she let loose a patter of gun-fire, taking out the guy with the shoulder launcher. A figure jumped out and ran to Sarah as Airwolf continued to provide cover.

‘Don’t stand there doing nothing!’ Evan shouted. ‘Fire! Fire!’

Bullets ricocheted off Airwolf’s nose and another stream of gun-fire spat out of her chain-guns, smacking like flint against the tarmac. Evan ran for the helicopter.

Hawke used a pen-knife to free Sarah and he hurried her towards Airwolf, careful to keep himself between her and the gunfire.

‘Mike’s in one of the rooms.’ She shouted at him.

Hawke pushed her into the cockpit and climbed in after her, resuming his place in the commander’s chair. ‘We know.’ He assured her. ‘Saint John’s getting him.’

‘He’s got him.’ Jo confirmed as Hawke took back the controls from Airwolf and raised them up. ‘They’re heading to the roof. The chopper’s escaping.’

Hawke hovered beside the roof as Mike climbed into the back next to Sarah and Saint John slid into the counter-measure specialist seat. Below them, Zebra squad was arriving to take care of the remaining men.

‘Hold on.’ Hawke said tersely.

‘It’s Marshall Evan.’ Mike informed them breathlessly.

‘Really?’ A dangerous glint sparked in Hawke’s eyes.

The incoming communication beacon sounded and Michael’s image appeared in the monitor. ‘Hawke, Zebra Squad are confirming they have the situation on the ground under control; what’s your position?’

‘We’re going after Marshall Evan.’ Hawke said succinctly.

Michael’s eyebrows shot up. ‘Evan.’

‘Yeah.’ Hawke glanced at the monitor.

‘Evan’s been working for Sterling.’ Mike explained, inching forward to peer between the two front seats.

‘Hawke, you can’t blow him up.’ Michael ordered, stabbing his finger on the desk.

Hawke’s eyebrow quirked upward. ‘Why not?’

‘He can help us take out Sterling.’ Michael pointed out. ‘Bring him back alive and he’ll sing like a songbird.’

‘Michael…’ Hawke sighed.

‘After that, we’ll terminate him.’ Michael leaned back in his white leather chair, his gaze intent down the camera to Hawke. ‘I’ll see to it personally.’

‘So much for his retirement plan.’ Mike said cheerfully.

Hawke sighed. ‘Fine. You get him alive.’ He disconnected the call before Michael could make any further comment.

‘Same plan as Andrews?’ Saint John asked.

Hawke shrugged. ‘Depends on him.’

They had caught up with the chopper and as Saint John issued a warning. It lurched away. An instant later, they heard the patter of shrapnel against the armour. Hawke’s eyes flashed and he hit the turbos. Airwolf shot forward. The helicopter made to follow them and Hawke raised his thumb off the turbos. Airwolf slowed dramatically and Evan’s helicopter shot past them. Hawke targeted the tail rotor and fired. The helicopter spun, smoke billowing from the damaged tail. The pilot barely got it to the rocky beach.

Hawke brought Airwolf down in front of it immediately. ‘Give it up, Evan. Now.’

Evan and the pilot inched out of the helicopter and laid down on the ground beside it.

Hawke looked at him in disgust. ‘Get me Michael.’

Jo made the call.

Michael stroked his moustache and looked at Hawke with a strange calm. ‘You’ve got him.’

‘We got him.’ Hawke responded tersely. ‘Send your guys to pick him up.’

‘You’re not bringing him in?’ Michael asked surprised.

‘We haven’t got any seats and besides,’ Hawke’s eyes warmed a little, ‘we only gift-wrap…’

‘You don’t deliver.’ Michael concluded with a sigh. ‘I’ll send someone. I’ll meet you back at Sarah’s?’

Hawke disconnected again. He looked behind him. ‘You OK?’

Sarah nodded. ‘I’m OK.’

‘Me too.’ Mike added.

Hawke caught sight of Michael's back-up approaching to take Evan into custody. He waited until the ex-Company man was secured. ‘Let’s go home.’ Hawke said simply. He hit the turbos and Airwolf flew forward into the clouds.

Continued in Part IV.






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