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Fanfiction: And They All Lived - Part IV

For disclaimers and author's note see Part I.


Part 10

The fire crackled in the hearth, a strange counterpoint to the laughter coming from the bar at the back of the cabin.

‘You should have seen Sterling’s face when I arrested him.’ Michael crowed, raising his wine-glass. ‘It was a picture.’

‘I’m sure it was.’ Hawke shoved the sleeves of his blue sweater up and leaned on the counter. His POW bracelet glinted in the artificial lights of the cabin lamps.

‘I know I would have paid good money to see it.’ Caitlin said with a laugh.

‘It was a wonderful moment.’ Marella admitted, smoothing her skirt as she changed position on the bar-stool.

‘I guess Evan sung like a bird.’ Hawke noted as he took a sip of his own drink.

‘Like a canary.’ Michael agreed pushing his glasses up his nose. ‘He’s trying to argue for witness protection.’

‘He won’t get it though, right?’ Caitlin checked.

‘Right.’ Michael nodded. ‘He has to testify about Sterling but once Sterling’s in prison, I fear Evan’s days will be numbered. The Company has already petitioned to take him into their custody.’

‘I guess they’re not feeling too forgiving about his defection.’ Hawke noted.

Michael simply raised his glass at the other man’s deduction.

‘We have other news.’ Marella said slightly hesitantly.

‘Oh?’ Hawke exchanged a curious look with Caitlin.

Marella smiled. ‘Business, unfortunately.’ She glanced at Michael.

‘Val Andrews was found executed yesterday in his Las Vegas casino. Single gunshot wound to the head.’ Michael frowned. ‘We think it was the Cordelli’s.’

‘Wouldn’t surprise me.’ Hawke admitted with a shake of his head. ‘Andrews betrayed them and they’re not the forgiving type.’

‘The DEA are already reporting the Cordelli’s are moving on Sterling’s territory.’ Michael shook his head. ‘I get the distinct impression we did them a favour.’

‘As long as they leave us alone, I don’t care.’ Hawke said quietly.

‘Me either,’ agreed Caitlin.

‘I think that’s something we can all raise our glasses to.’ Michael said.

They all clinked glasses dutifully.

‘So, are you two ready to return to work?’ Michael asked cautiously.

Hawke sighed and looked at Caitlin.

She grinned at him. ‘That’s ten bucks you owe me.’

‘You can collect later.’ Hawke promised.

‘You bet I will.’ Caitlin responded cheekily.

Michael gave a long-suffering sigh. ‘You do remember we’re standing right here?’

Marella laughed at her husband’s disgruntled expression. ‘It would be good to have you both back.’

‘Mike driving you up the wall, huh?’ Hawke said to Michael.

Michael ignored the jibe even if inwardly Hawke was right. He smiled back at the pilot. ‘He’s been eating candy in the cockpit.’

The flash through Hawke’s eyes was the only sign of his annoyance.

Caitlin was about to tease her husband when her head suddenly tilted and an instant later, Nicky cried.

‘I’ll get him.’ Marella offered.

‘We’ll get him.’ Caitlin suggested. ‘Shouldn’t you two go out and check on Angelina and the dogs?’

Hawke and Michael looked at each other and smiled.

‘Yes, ma’am.’ Michael said smartly as he limped out after Hawke.

Their wives smiled and headed upstairs to deal with the fussing baby.

‘So, how are you?’ Marella asked as Caitlin changed Nicky deftly.

‘I’m OK.’ Caitlin sighed. ‘I miss my hair.’

‘I know.’ Marella’s dark eyes gleamed with sympathy. ‘But it does soon grow back.’ She touched her own tresses slightly self-consciously. ‘And how are you about the…the baby?’

Caitlin shrugged and sat down beside her friend on the bed. ‘Some days are better than others.’ She admitted. ‘The doctor’s given us the all-clear to try again but…’ she bit her lip, ‘I think we’re both wary. We were both so happy I was pregnant and then…’

Marella gave Caitlin a hug. ‘You’ll try again when you’re ready.’

‘What about you?’ Caitlin asked. ‘Have you and Michael spoken more about adoption?’

‘Yes but not in the way you think.’ Marella smiled at Caitlin’s open curiosity. ‘I’m adopting Angelina.’

Caitlin’s face brightened with happiness and it was her turn to hug her friend. ‘That’s fabulous news. I’m so happy for you.’

‘Me too.’ Marella nodded. ‘Angelina said yes so we’ve started the process and truthfully, she already feels like my daughter.’

‘That’s because she is.’ Caitlin pointed out with a smile. ‘Talking of which…’

Marella helped Caitlin place Nicky in his baby carrier. ‘You know this afternoon’s been great. Michael and I haven’t seen much of you since Sarah’s kidnapping, what with the Sterling arrest and…’

‘And us spending so much time with Hawke’s family?’ Caitlin nodded. ‘I know. Today has been great.’

‘How are things?’ Marella asked.

‘They’re getting there.’ Caitlin said optimistically. She smiled ruefully. ‘You know Hawke; he works at his own pace and he’s still missing Dom.’

‘I think we all are.’ Marella commented.

They wandered downstairs and out to the front of the cabin. Michael and Hawke were already on the steps watching Angelina play with her dog Brownie while Tet watched; Caitlin and Marella joined their husbands.

A few hours later, Hawke and Caitlin stood on the porch and watched the white helicopter ascend into the evening sunset as they waved their friends goodbye.

Hawke slid his arms around Caitlin’s waist. Caitlin sighed contentedly.

‘Good day, huh?’ Hawke mused out loud as they watched the golden sun slide into the lake.

‘Great day.’ She turned in the circle of them to face him. She hooked her arms around his neck. ‘I love your family but…’

‘It’s nice spending time with just Michael and Marella.’ He finished for her. He leaned forward and they kissed deeply.

Caitlin smiled. ‘You still owe me ten bucks.’

‘So I do.’ Hawke moved suddenly and she shrieked as he picked her up in his arms. ‘You ready to collect, Mrs Hawke?’

Caitlin grinned. ‘I love you.’

‘I love you too.’ Hawke kicked the cabin door shut on their way inside.

One year later…

Hawke dropped a kiss on Nicky’s head and his son grinned back at him. Hawke couldn’t resist stroking a hand through the brown curls as he adjusted his hold on the toddler. ‘Where’s Mommy? Shall we go find her?’

Nicky giggled brightly in agreement.

Hawke carried his son inside and headed up the stairs to the main bedroom. He pushed open the bedroom door and smiled at the sight in front of him.

Caitlin sat in a shaft of sunlight from the window which had turned her short red hair to molten copper cap, but it wasn’t the only captivating sight; the month old baby at her breast caught Hawke’s attention and he felt his heart swell with love for both mother and baby. ‘Hey.’ He called out softly.

Caitlin looked up and smiled. ‘Hey.’

‘How’s Amelia?’ Hawke asked gently as he walked inside with Nicky to sit beside her.

‘Hungry.’ Caitlin said with a laugh.

‘They’re getting impatient out there.’ Hawke noted.

‘She works to her own timetable.’ Caitlin said wryly.

‘I noticed.’ Hawke said dryly. Amelia had been four days late. He had a feeling she was going to be trouble and he couldn’t wait.

Finally, with Amelia fed and burped, the proud parents headed downstairs where the rest of the family waited, ready for the christening they had been invited to attend.

Hawke paused on the stairs as they posed for pictures. His blue eyes searched around the room. They landed on Caitlin’s family first.

Patrick and Maggie smiled up at him. He remembered the first time they had met in the corridor outside Caitlin’s hospital room when she had been shot saving his life…it had taken them a while to accept him and his relationship with Caitlin and Maggie still had her moments with Caitlin but Hawke couldn’t imagine life without their support. He knew they were thrilled that Erin, Caitlin’s eldest sister, was to be Amelia’s godmother.

His gaze slid to his sister-in-law. Erin was newly divorced but she and her daughter were doing well. The youngest O’Shaunessy sister, Fiona, stood next to Erin with another new fiancé. Hawke wondered if Fiona would actually go through with the wedding this time around. Her brothers Callum and Brian stood next to her, their families surrounding them.

Hawke’s eyes skipped over them and landed on his own brothers. Seb was beaming from ear to ear; he would stand as godfather. He was attending UCLA; Michael was sponsoring him through the course and Seb would join the Airwolf computer team when he was done. He had expressed an interest in the engineer’s console and Hawke figured he’d sit there one day.

Saint John leaned across and whispered in his youngest brother’s ear and whatever he said had Seb turning worriedly to stare at Saint John in horror. Probably something about the infamous baby test, Hawke mused light-heartedly. He watched as Saint John smirked before turning to his wife. He and Jo had made it official six months before and Jo was literally blooming; he watched as the blonde pilot rested a hand on the swell of her belly, the only sign of her pregnancy. Beside the couple, Le, the boy he had once thought his nephew was stood smiling with his mother, Ana, next to him.

Hawke’s eyes moved on to his own parents who were smiling up at him proudly. He had never thought he would find them again, he mused. They were close again; he and his mother sometimes played music together; him on the cello and she on the new piano he had bought for her. They were loving their role as grandparents.

Hawke saw Sarah’s hands tighten on Chris’s shoulders. Her son looked up at her and smiled. Sarah hadn’t found dating easy; Chris came first for her and always would. Hawke had a suspicion she still carried a bit of a torch for Mike. His flying partner was laughing as he took photos; as much a part of the family as the rest of the Airwolf contingent in attendance.

Hawke smiled at Jason ‘Doc’ Gifford who had taken on the role of commanding the second Airwolf helicopter along with Hawke’s cousin, Matt, who had assumed a counter-measure specialist position and Karen Hansen who operated the engineer’s console of the second ship. All three of them were present for the celebrations as were Michael, Marella and Angelina who stood together smiling happily. Angelina’s adoption had been smooth sailing and the couple were very happy. They excelled at running the Airwolf project and its success had already meant the go-ahead of another helicopter. The original would be decommissioned when it was ready; she was feeling the stress of too many missions and adventures.

The shriek of engines above heralded her arrival and Hawke looked over at Caitlin in surprise. She shrugged amused. The artificial intelligence was growing day by day and had been determined to attend the christening, and who really wanted to argue with Airwolf when she occupied a black battleship with rotors?

They all moved out to the clearing in front of the cabin to begin the christening. Hawke glanced around at the gathered multitude again, at the shiny black helicopter parked at the far edge near the woods and felt a flicker of sadness at the one missing person. He felt the sting of tears and ruthlessly suppressed them. Dom might be gone but he wasn’t forgotten. His hands tightened around the son he had named for the man who had been more than a mentor or a friend; who had been a father to him.

Caitlin nudged Hawke gently and he turned to her. Her blue-green eyes looked back at him with love and understanding. Without any regard for the watching crowd or the waiting priest, Hawke dipped his head and kissed her. Cheers went up from the various siblings as laughter pealed out over the gathering. Hawke raised his head in his own time, ignoring Nicky squirming in his arms. Caitlin smiled at Hawke and winked. He smiled back at his wife, remembering their first meeting, their first kiss and the last one; the moments in between. She had given him everything he had ever wanted; a family, and she had helped him welcome hers and his into his heart. As the priest reached to take Amelia, Hawke slid his hand into Caitlin’s contentedly. He was home.

Above, the eagle cried out in approval at the sight below and beat its wings, lifting higher into the clear blue sky; flying free.







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