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Airwolf and Other Fandoms Fanfiction


This post will act as the index to all my Airwolf fanfiction and any fanfiction written for non-Stargate fandoms.


The Lost Season Series

Single Parent Hawke, The Jade Wolf, The Truth About Caitlin, Old Friends and New Enemies, Hawke's Wolf, Father Figures, Personal Business, Hidden Truths, Homecomings, The Ex Factor, A Question of Loyalty, You Are Cordially Invited, The Odd Couple, Spirit of the Wolf, Ghosts, A High Price to Pay, Prime Suspect, Traces in the Mist, Duplicity, A Child Friendly Date, Reality Check, The Other Blackjack, Closure

Finding Family:
Based on the universe established in The Lost Season Series.

Resurrection, Unexpected Backup, Torn in Two, Best Laid Plans, Adversaries, The Infamous Baby Test, Sibling Rivalry, New Beginnings, Sacrifices, Promises, Family Business, And They All Lived,
Sequel: Angel Wolf
Final Sequel: One of the Family

One-Shot: Someone to Watch Over Us

Based on the universe established in The Lost Season and Finding Family Series. Music, Beginning, The Hawke Brothers

Doctor Who:
Another Beginning: Set mid-The Big Bang. Implied River/Doctor.  River contemplates another beginning with the Doctor.

Right Here: Set post The Girl Who Waited.  Rory/Amy.  Rory knows the moment that breaks him.
Harry Potter:
The Greatest Prank: Sirius/James, James/Lily. Sirius can't pinpoint the moment he fell in love with James. Written as an exercise to explore writing in a different fandom and to tackle a challenging pairing for the writer.

Hawaii Five-0:

Not for Nothing: Set pre-series/spoilers through S2 especially eps 1,2 and 10.  Jenna's love for her fiance leads her down a dangerous path and it may all be for nothing.

A Journey of Lies: Pre-Series. Danny/Rachel, Rachel/Stan.  Spoilers for S1. Rachel tells a lie when she first meets Danny.  Can she ever find her way back to the truth?

The Road with Good Intentions: Set S1.  Danny/Rachel, Rachel/Stan.  Rachel tries to repair her relationship with Danny but will the cost be her marriage to Stan?

Bump in the Road: Set end of S1/beginning of S2.  Danny/Rachel, Rachel/Stan.  Just when Rachel thinks she and Danny can start again, there's a sudden bump in the road.

All Fall Down: TAG to S1, prequel to S2.  Wo Fat has come after the team but has he succeeded in forcing them apart?

Iron Man:
Layers: Pepper/Tony.  Pepper doesn't mean to fall in love with Tony.  Or become Pepper.  Written as an exercise to explore writing in a different fandom and to tackle a challenging pairing for the writer.

Running Mates: Crossover with Stargate Atlantis.  Ziva David/John Sheppard.  Ziva notices a new runner on her jogging route.

Blank Sheets: Tony/Ziva. Spoilers for S11. Ziva and Tony try to move on with a list of 'wills.'
Tags: airwolf, doctor who, harry potter, hawaii five-0, iron man, ncis
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