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Stargate SG1 Aftershocks Fanfiction

Stargate SG1: Aftershocks

This post will act as an index to my Stargate SG1: Aftershocks Series fanfiction.

Note: There are spoilers in each chapter as this is a series of TAGs that focus on how the characters reacted to their various missions, what impact it had on them and their relationships.

Each chapter is a TAG; each is complete and can be read stand alone although as in the episodes, there are continuing themes.  

Pairings are in line with those established within the series either real or suggested, (e.g. Jack/Sam, Daniel/Sha’re, Teal'c/Drey'auc). There is an author's note preceding each story with any specific story dynamics highlighted. 

The index is organised by Season.  The episode title is first with the TAG title following.  If the TAG is blank, it means it isn't written yet. :)

Awards: 2007 Stargate Fan Award Nominee, 2008 Stargate Fan Award Nominee, Gatefic Award Winner (Sam Carter, Drama Category: S2 The Tok'ra TAG: New Alliances)

Season One

Children of the Gods: Not Belonging
The Enemy Within: Bonding
Emancipation: Mistakes
Broca Divide: Fallout
The First Commandment: Talking Strategy
Cold Lazarus: One Door Closes
The Nox: The Way of the Nox
Brief Candle: Rule Number One
Thor's Hammer: Acceptance
The Torment of Tantalus: The Torment of Daniel
Bloodlines: Defining Family 
Fire and Water: Too Close for Comfort
Hathor: Nightmares
Singularity: Alone
Cor-ai: Forgiveness
Enigma: Humming
Solitudes: Recovering Together
Tin Man: Better
There But For The Grace of God: Back to Reality
Politics: Hope
Within the Serpent's Grasp: see Season Two

Season Two

Within the Serpent's Grasp/In the Serpent's Lair: Welcome Back SG1
In the Line of Duty: The Damaged Trilogy; Damaged, Damage Control, Damaged Crystal
Prisoners: A Prisoner Still
The Gamekeeper: Head Trip
Need: Needed
Thor's Chariot: Legacy
Message in a Bottle: Undomesticated Equines
Family: A Father's Choice
Secrets: Rough Times
Bane: Another Threat
The Tok'ra Part 1 & 2: New Alliances
Spirits: Lessons Learned
Touchstone: Rats
The Fifth Race: A Step in the Right Direction
A Matter of Time: A Matter of Timing
Holiday: Business as Usual
Serpent's Song: Mixed Emotions
One False Step: Kel Chak Mor
Show and Tell: A Tale of Two Charlies
1969: Can't Argue with Destiny
Out of Mind: see Season Three

Season Three

Out of Mind/Into the Fire: Conflicted Hearts
Seth: One Step Forward
Fair Game: Major Celebrations
Legacy: Mad World
Learning Curve: Night Shift
Point of View: Harsh Realities
Deadman's Switch: Talk of the Devil
Demons: Facing Demons
Rules of Engagement: Another Day, Another Forest
Forever in a Day: Forever Lost
Past and Present: Scotch Mist
Jolinar's Memories & The Devil You Know: The Journey Home
Foothold: Unmasked
Pretense: The Future Beckons
Urgo: Disconnected
A Hundred Days: Truth Hurts
Shades of Grey: The Short Straw
New Ground: Seeing Clearly
Maternal Instinct: Trust
Crystal Skull: Different Dimensions
Nemesis: The Wheels Trilogy; Spinning Wheels, When the Wheels Come Off, Wheels Back in Motion

Season Four

Small Victories: Hidden Fears
The Other Side: Bad Days and Bad Ideas
Upgrades: Always Trouble
Crossroads: Never Alone
Divide and Conquer: Divided Union; Divided They Fall, United They Stand
Window of Opportunity: Tomorrow is Another Day
Watergate: Submerged Emotions
The First Ones: Fault Lines
Scorched Earth: Screwed Up
Beneath The Surface: Real Illusions
Point of No Return: Salvage Operations
Tangent: Leap of Faith
The Curse: Necessary Backup
Serpent's Venom: Unexpected Reunions
Chain Reaction: The Wrong Timeline Trilogy; On Track, Changing Tracks, Derailed
2010: Bonus Story Missing Scene: The Wrong Timeline: Making it Right
2010: Back on Track
Absolute Power: The Dark Side
The Light: Addictive Mysteries
Prodigy: Right About One Thing
Entity: Protective Measures
Double Jeopardy: Moving On 
Exodus: see Season Five

Season Five

Exodus/Enemies: Friend and Foe
Threshold: Fundamental Beliefs
Ascension: Surface Damage
The Fifth Man: A Record to Stand By
Red Sky: Light Shifts to Dark
Rite of Passage: The Right Decision
Beast of Burden: Burdens of Guilt
The Tomb: Buried Truth
Between Two Fires: Embers
2001: Another Change of Track
Desperate Measures: Always Darkest, Before The Dawn
Wormhole X-treme: One Hundred
Proving Ground: Comparative Studies
48 Hours: Revenge, A Dish Best Served Cold
Summit & Last Stand: Never-ending Cycle; Twilight, Fade into Night, A New Dawn
Fail Safe: Faith, Hope and Glory
The Warrior: A Warrior's Place
Menace: Different Paths
The Sentinel: Survivors
Meridian: Mortal Wounds
Revelations: Healing Trilogy: Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off, Start All Over Again

Season Six

Redemption Part 1 & 2: Three Nerds and an Astrophysicist
Descent: A First Time for Everything
Frozen: Blending Truths
Nightwalkers:Internal Battles
Abyss: The Finding Solid Ground Trilogy: Rock Bottom, Vertical Climb, Solid Ground
Shadow Play: Reality Checks
The Other Guys: Back to SG1
Allegiance: Opposites
Cure: Contact Issues
Prometheus/Unnatural Selection: The Right Thing
Sight Unseen: Adjustments
Smoke and Mirrors: Tricky Situations
Paradise Lost: Found Again
Metamorphosis: Preservation
Disclosure: Continuing Admissions
Forsaken: Good Days and Bad Days
The Changeling: Changes
Memento:Questionable Motivations
Prophecy: Making a Difference
Full Circle: The Descending Trilogy: On The Edge, Step Forward, Falling

Season Seven

Fallen/Homecoming: Returning Home
Fragile Balance: A Tale of Two Jacks
Orpheus: Belonging
Revisions: An Absence of Memory
Lifeboat: Lifeguards
Enemy Mine: Surreally Normal
Space Race: What A Girl Wants
Avenger 2.0: Appropriate Gifts for Super Heroes
Birthright: Bend With the Wind
Evolution I & II: Then and Now
Grace: Secrets Still Unspoken
Fallout: Facing the Consequences
Chimera: Waking Up
Death Knell: Outside Perspectives
Heroes I & II: The Letters Trilogy: Delivered, Opened, Read by Heart
Resurrection: Life Goes On
Inauguration: New Regimes
Lost City I & II:Frozen in Action

Season Eight:

New Order I & II: The More Things Change
Lockdown: Lonely at the Top
Zero Hour Prequel/Missing Scenes from SGA Rising: The Atlantis Trilogy
Zero Hour: A Question of Leadership
Prometheus Unbound:
It's Good to be King:
Full Alert:
Citizen Joe:
Reckoning I & II:
Moebius I & II:

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